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China's wood packaging material market is huge, but the lack of resources has become a limiting factor

[China Packaging News] it is reported that China's wood packaging material market is huge and growing. Wood packaging materials as a kind of environmental coordination materials, with the characteristics of green packaging materials, will receive more and more attention

1. Wood based panel packaging materials have broad application prospects. Its structural load grade can be accurately designed according to the different use conditions (dry or wet environment), so as to achieve the purpose of saving and economic use of forest resources

2. Solid wood packaging materials are important carriers and transmission media of forest pests in international trade. In order to reduce the risk of pest invasion and reduce the cost of fumigation and disinfestation treatment for enterprises, vigorously developing deep-processing composite packaging materials will be the development direction of wood packaging in China

3. The use of agricultural and forestry biomass materials to produce packaging materials has also become a research hotspot. Bamboo plywood made of bamboo is a better developed packaging material in recent years. The rising price tide is caused by a series of liquidation crises, long-term distortion of the price mechanism and unexpected events. The application prospect of artificial board for packaging pressed by crop straw is also very broad. It will be a promising packaging material

but for countries like China, where forest resources are relatively scarce, the development of wood packaging is restricted to a certain extent, especially the excessive packaging of wood materials. The national development and Reform Commission and other 12 ministries and commissions issued the opinions on accelerating the promotion of wood conservation and substitution, which proposed to develop wood substitution and optimize the structure of wood consumption. Advocate and encourage the production and use of wood substitutes, and give priority to the use of environmentally friendly green wood substitutes and their products, which are economical, durable and recyclable, and whose oil from the United States accounts for less than 5% of the amount of tire materials, so as to reduce unreasonable consumption of wood. We will actively develop wood-based panels, crop residues, bamboo and other resources, and replace wood products with products, and implement environmental friendly wood substitution projects

China Packaging believes that although China's wood packaging material market is huge, China's relative lack of forest resources has led to a large number of restrictions on the packaging of wood materials. How to break through the limitations of the lack of wood packaging resources within the scope of policies will be an urgent need for China's wood packaging enterprises

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