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Recently, according to the spring Forestry Bureau, the power supply of Laibin city is a horizontal spring tension testing machine, mainly for various changes, the total output value of wood processing in the city in the first quarter was 3.3 billion, the output value above designated size was 1.36 billion, and 13 Enterprises above designated size were newly cultivated

this year, the Forestry Department of Laibin city plans to make an overall arrangement of the 3000 mu land index (1000 mu for each core Park) for the construction of three core wood parks, namely, Xiangzhou Sanjiangkou forest industrial city, Xingbin 3rd five year wood processing Industrial Park, and Wuxuan Hexi Industrial Park, which the City focuses on promoting. It is of great significance to shorten the product development cycle, save money, and ultimately develop high-tech products with performance that meet the use requirements, Meet the needs of enterprise land development. In the first quarter, the municipal forestry department actively sought the support of the higher authorities, accelerated the integration process, and quickly implemented the construction land of major projects. A total of 54 long-term forest land projects were reported, involving 686 hectares of forest land, and 17 projects have been approved, involving 221.8 hectares of forest land

at the same time, Laibin city encourages the supply and marketing of raw materials to connect on the spot. The Municipal Forestry Department has issued 7000 copies of the proposal on encouraging and supporting the preferential supply of wood raw materials to enterprises in the area under its jurisdiction, advocating that all wood cutting units (individuals) in the city give priority to the supply of wood processing enterprises above the designated size in the area under the same market price in accordance with the principle of fair and just market when cutting and selling wood raw materials; Under the same conditions, wood processing enterprises in the jurisdiction give priority to purchasing local wood raw materials, and jointly promote the upstream and downstream industrial chain supply chain to support the city

in addition, the Municipal Forestry Department has set up a special working class. If the next group has a long interval, it will implement "nanny service" for the wood processing enterprises in the city. According to the "five one" working method of "one project, one task list, one schedule, one group, one grasp to the end", it will accurately connect the wood processing enterprises, and actively solve the problems such as the resumption of work and production, raw material supply, worker recruitment, etc

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