Bonding mechanism of the hottest corrugated board

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Bonding mechanism of corrugated board

normal> in order to form an integral structure of corrugated board, adhesives are essential. Adhesive (glue) not only affects the production efficiency of corrugated board, but also has a great impact on the quality of corrugated paper. It plays a very important role. Therefore, I want to briefly review the development history of corrugated board adhesive

normal> first, the development history of corrugated board adhesive

normal she organized a theft gang> the earliest corrugated board adhesive was sodium silicate. Sodium silicate, also known as "water glass", is a very viscous liquid. Its properties generally change with the total molecular weight ratio of silica and sodium oxide. Usually, the ratio of 3:1 to 4:1 is used

normal> compared with corrugated board bonded with starch, corrugated board bonded with sodium silicate has several advantages. For example, the compressive strength of the carton is high, and the shoulder formed by the glue line has high water resistance

normal> but its fatal disadvantage is that it is easy to appear the so-called "alkali stains" on the surface of corrugated paper, which pollutes the printing surface, thus significantly reducing the commodity value of corrugated boxes. The cause of alkali stain is that sodium silicate decomposes with water after moisture absorption, and alkali separation deteriorates paper and ink. Especially in high humidity climate, this change is aggravated. Because of this fatal defect of sodium silicate, people began to improve it on the one hand, and on the other hand, they were committed to the development of new adhesives. Of course, the development of new adhesives is also to improve the production efficiency of corrugated board

The development of semi chemical pulp and the emergence of kraft paper declare that the era of yellow core paper made from wheat straw in the past has ended. This new face paper material makes corrugated board develop in the direction of high speed and large width

In 1956, starch was first introduced into Japan as corrugated paper adhesive, which laid the foundation for the development of modern corrugated paper industry. In the process of this change, the machinery for manufacturing starch paste with good performance by mixing has played a great role in promoting the development of the corrugated paper industry in the world

normal> II. Starch

normal> starch is a high molecular material synthesized by carbon dioxide, water and light energy in plants. Usually, we call this reaction "Photosynthesis"

normal> plants also consume some starch, but it is mainly stored as chlorophyll for the formation of the next generation of plants and only 16 nutrients for photosynthesis in phase 1. Although starch can be seen everywhere in plants, most of it exists in seeds and rhizomes

normal> starch can be classified as follows:

normal>necttype= "custom" o:connectlocks= "21600,0; 010800; 2160021600" textboxrect= "13963, @421600, @5"> aboveground starch is collected from seeds, such as corn starch and wheat starch

normal> underground starch is collected from roots, such as cassava starch and sweet potato starch

normal> in addition, starch can be divided into pure starch and chemically treated starch

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