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The rapid development of wood plastic composites in Southeast Asia

according to the U.S. plastics report, Austria's ASTA Eder composites consulting company recently released a survey report on "2 growing into a rookie in the city's new material industry 011 Southeast Asia WPC market". From now on, personalized customization will inevitably lead to the fragmentation of orders. From now to 2015, the smaller Southeast Asia wood plastic composites (WPC) industry is expected to maintain an annual growth rate of 10%, The above is the general knowledge of changing the safety protection and maintenance methods of the experimental machine shared by the technicians. The amount will reach 55000 tons

according to the report, the scale of wood plastic industry in Southeast Asian countries is still small, compared with China's wood plastic market capacity of about 1million tons. However, the growth rate of Southeast Asia has exceeded that of Europe in, and is equivalent to the development period of Europe. In, the output of wood plastic in Southeast Asia reached 34000 tons, and the survey predicts that it will show rapid growth in the future

the report said: "the European wood plastic market has experienced six years of development and reached this output figure in 2005. In the past four years, the growth percentage of import and export and output of Southeast Asia wood plastic market has exceeded that of Europe in."

according to the report, the wood plastic industry in Asia has a wide range of applications, including door and window frames, interior wallboards, wallboards and pallets in addition to decorative panels

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