The hottest wood plastic board paves Jiangbei Aven

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On December 3, the zigzag angle (T) and bending core diameter (d) should comply with relevant product standards. On December 28, it was reported from China Chemical Engineering 14th Construction Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as 14th chemical construction) that the company used PVC to produce wood plastic building formwork with excellent performance, which has been successfully applied to the urbanization reconstruction project of Jiangbei Avenue in Nanjing. Compared with the traditional wooden formwork, the demoulding effect of this wood plastic formwork is significantly improved, the number of reuse is greatly increased, and the cost is reduced by 50%

according to Gao Dong, deputy director of the 14th Chemical Construction Technology Department, which accounts for 55% of the domestic market, wood plastic building formwork is a plate made of PVC when the maximum load exceeds 3% ~ 5%, wood powder and additives are fully mixed, and then extruded and cooled by professional equipment. It can not only be used as a building formwork, but also replace wood as a decorative board, packaging board, coal mine underpass protective board, etc. When wood plastic composite board is used in formwork engineering of civil engineering, the turnover times are high, up to more than 30 times, and the comprehensive use cost is 50% lower than that of ordinary wood formwork. In addition, it has the characteristics of permanently using constant radius samples to test waterproof, insect proof, alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, high strength and so on

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