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The more developed the economy is, the greater the demand for wooden packing boxes will be. With the rapid development of wooden cases, food and agriculture in China, the packaging of wooden products in China has also achieved rapid development. With the increasing variety and quantity of wood products packaging boxes, wood packaging machinery has become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery industry

wooden box packaging machinery is very important to improve the rate of food wooden box packaging. The development potential of wooden box packaging machinery is very great. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, higher requirements are put forward for commodity wooden case packaging. Where there are commodities, there are wooden cases. It can be said that the wooden case packaging industry plays an important role in the development of the overall structure of the national economy. The ever-changing wooden case packaging corresponds to a wide variety of wooden case packaging machinery. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption mode has changed from food and clothing to enjoyment. Therefore, the wooden product packaging industry is a sunrise industry

advantages and disadvantages of various packaging boxes

nowadays, packaging boxes have been widely used in many fields, mainly including the following categories, namely wooden packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes and paper packaging boxes. All kinds of packing cases have their unique advantages and disadvantages. The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of packing cases are introduced below

as the name suggests, the wooden packing box is the packing box of wooden materials, which is made of solid wood board nails. The advantages are: firm and strong, simple process, simple installation, beautiful appearance, reliable performance, recyclable, and most suitable for the transportation and packaging of industrial products. But its disadvantage is that its sealing and cushioning performance are relatively poor

although plastic packaging box overcomes the problem of poor sealing and cushioning of wooden packaging box, the total export proportion of the three is 39.54%, which has the advantages of light quality, good weather resistance, beautiful and durable, recyclable and so on, and is recognized by customers. However, it has a fatal disadvantage that it pollutes the environment, which is greatly detrimental to our living environment

the inner and outer layers of paper packaging boxes are made of paper plates, so they not only won't pollute the environment, but also can be recycled, which greatly reduces the cost. The top plate and side plate are made of corrugated board, and the bottom plate is made of corrugated composite board or honeycomb paperboard. Just because it is paper products, its firmness and rigidity are relatively poor, so it can't "withstand high-strength working environment and is fragile

how to prevent moisture in wood products packaging cases

moisture proof packaging is to use moisture-proof materials, which are all solved by us. The products are encapsulated to isolate the influence of external moisture on the products, and at the same time, the air in the packaging is kept dry, reaching the critical relative humidity of the packaged goods. For this reason, it is necessary to eliminate the moisture in the air sealed into the container during packaging, and limit the water vapor penetrating into the container due to the moisture permeability of the packaging material

there are two methods to remove the moisture in the package and keep it dry: static drying method and dynamic drying method. The static method uses a certain amount of desiccant loaded into the package to absorb the internal moisture to prevent the packaged products from being affected by moisture. Its moisture-proof ability depends on the moisture permeability of the packaging material, the nature and quantity of desiccant, and the size of the vertical angular space observed with a theodolite with a minimum reading of 2 at the vertical right angle in the package, etc. It is generally suitable for small packaging and moisture-proof packaging with a time limit. The dynamic method uses dehumidification machinery to input the dried and dehumidified air into the package and exchange the moist air in the package, so as to control the relative humidity in the package and keep the package dry. This method is suitable for large-scale packaging and long-term storage packaging

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