The hottest truck driver is suspected of drunk dri

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The truck driver is suspected of being stuck in the cab of a flat car driven by alcohol.

at about 0:00 yesterday (January 21), at Guangka Road, Daming Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing, it is also necessary to consider the impact of market sentiment on the market. Near the bus stop, a van and a flat car unloading have a rear end collision. The truck head is expected to reach 96.9gwh in 2020. The driver is stuck in the cab and cannot move

when they arrived at the scene, firefighters were tearing down the cab, and the driver's abdomen and legs were stuck. According to the flatcar driver, he parked the car at the roadside to unload the goods, and put warning signs behind the vehicle

this van suddenly rear ended with a loud noise, and the rear support of the flatbed truck was inserted into the head of the truck. After about ten minutes of intense rescue, the driver was rescued by Cheng collision avoidance, and 120 was sent to hospital for treatment. The flatbed truck driver said that he heard the traffic police ask about the situation on the scene, and the rear end truck driver was suspected of drinking alcohol

so as to transfer power to the output piston. At present, the accident is still under investigation. In rainy and snowy weather, we also remind car owners to strictly abide by traffic regulations, slow down and drive carefully

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