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Chongqing: the truck overturned, and more than 100 barrels of paint leaked.

Chongqing: the truck overturned, and more than 100 barrels of paint leaked.

May 30, 2007

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[China paint information] yesterday afternoon, a traffic accident occurred near the family area of Haier Road synthetic pharmaceutical factory in Jiangbei District, and two extended trucks overturned on the road, The paint carried on one of the vehicles leaked

paint leakage blackened the road

arrived at the scene of the accident at 2:50 p.m. At this time, there was a serious traffic jam in both directions, and the car queue was one kilometer long. We hope to clearly convey the new tax strategy to the public.

the location of the incident is a sharp turning road with almost 90 degrees. Two long trucks turned to the left and lay side by side in the middle of the road. Five of the six two-way lanes were occupied by this pair of "brothers and sisters", and only one lane was slowly passing, causing traffic paralysis in the direction of Tangjiatuo to Cuntan

what is more serious is that there is a large amount of paint on one of the trucks. Black and light green paint leaked from large and small buckets and flowed down the road. A section of road more than 10 meters long and wide was dyed black, and the pungent smell of paint could be smelled 50 meters away

turning too fast to overtake, causing trouble

according to Xu, the owner of the truck in Henan a77627, the time of the incident was around 2 p.m., and his car was full of motorcycle engines. When the car came to the corner, the truck with paint (license plate No. Yu p62022) rushed up from behind and wanted to overtake. When the two cars were driving side by side, the truck loaded with paint suddenly lost control and turned to the left. The car Mr. Xu was in also rolled over after being hit due to lack of avoidance. Fortunately, the drivers and passengers of the two cars were not seriously injured

witnesses said that the truck loaded with paint was not affected by other vehicles when overtaking, and its body was out of balance and overturned. This section is truly the "devil's road", and traffic accidents occur every month. We can see that the location of the incident is not only a sharp turn, but also the road is uneven, with a slope of about 20 degrees

another car overturned at the scene of the accident

at 2:20 p.m., Jiangbei City Fire squadron rushed to the scene to eliminate the danger. Considering that the leaked paint may be ignited, firefighters immediately evacuated the surrounding people, strictly prohibited fireworks, and diluted with water at the same time

the police found 10 migrant workers nearby and asked them to assist in transferring the paint on the car. We can see that the bottom of Yu p62022 truck is loaded with barrels of diluent. Fortunately, these barrels did not leak in the accident. The black anticorrosive paint and light green paint packed in the mold locking force box of the press used to maintain the polymerization reaction are large and small, with about 100 barrels leaking. The hands and feet of the migrant workers were stained black

at 4:30 p.m., under the command of the traffic police, the two-way traffic began to pass slowly, but there was still only one lane for vehicles to pass

at about 7 p.m., a large truck carrying motorcycle accessories turned left to the center of the road when passing the scene of the accident, but no one was injured

the environmental protection department intervened in the investigation

a staff member of the environmental sanitation department told that gasoline or other solutions were needed to clean the road polluted by paint

a large amount of leaked paint, washed by the water gun, flows into the ditch next to the sidewalk. Residents told that the sewage will be discharged to the Yangtze River along the ditch. In this regard, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau said that they will have the above problems over time and will immediately send people to the scene to investigate and deal with them to ensure environmental safety

at 8 p.m., contact platoon leader Zhang of jiangbeicheng fire fighting squadron who is still at the scene. He said that the three trucks overturned on the road have not been towed away, and the traffic is still congested. The cause of the accident is under investigation

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