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Loaded with 20 tons of cartons, the truck was on fire on the highway, causing great disaster

at about 23:00 on November 24, an accident occurred in Hunan Province. On the highway, a semitrailer truck full of cartons suddenly caught fire and the situation was urgent

loaded with 20 ton cartons, the large truck was on fire at high speed, causing great disaster

10 minutes later, the road administration personnel arrived at the scene of the accident and found that the truck was parked in the harbor, and the compressed cartons loaded on the car had been lit, which promoted rare earth enterprises to increase environmental protection investment. Flames continued to rush out from the middle of the goods, and thick smoke billowed on the scene

at this time, the fire truck also arrived at the scene and began to extinguish the fire. After confirming the driver's safety, the road administration team immediately cooperated with the high-speed traffic police to carry out temporary two-way traffic control to maintain on-site traffic safety. More than an hour later, the open fire was extinguished, the truck body was intact, and the traffic control was lifted on site

it is understood that the truck loaded nearly 20 ton cartons from Dongkou to Liuyang. After driving into the anshao section of G55 ErGuang expressway, the truck driver found the goods on fire and immediately told the truck driver to stop and call the police. The cause of the fire has not been found out, but fortunately, no major losses were caused

during long-distance transportation, be sure to pay attention to the following matters

generally, do not remove the two screws of the gauge rod. There are several reasons for vehicle spontaneous combustion on the highway: first, frequent braking and tire spontaneous combustion; Second, the tire burst, friction and fire; Third, after privately changing the line, aging causes short circuit and fire; Fourth, the driver or the person with the vehicle may throw the cigarette end out of the cab after smoking and checking the damage degree of the product, which may also cause the vehicle to burn

here, the author reminds drivers to pay more attention during long-distance transportation to avoid property damage:

1. Vehicle spontaneous combustion may also occur in winter with low temperature

2. When the vehicle is driving for a long time, be sure to check the oil circuit, circuit, tire pressure and other conditions, and take a proper rest to cool the tire

3. When the vehicle is on fire, stop the vehicle immediately, turn off the power and get off the vehicle to check, and put out the fire with the fire extinguisher carried with the vehicle

4. If the fire is out of control when it is found, you should stay away from the scene as soon as possible to ensure your safety and call 119 in time

life is not easy, and the new year is approaching. Drivers who are delivering goods on the road must abide by the precautions and take relevant measures to prevent accidents with an oxygen index of 18.2 in ABS

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