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Truck drivers strongly recommend fast hydraulic retarder: the patron saint of life

truck drivers strongly recommend fast hydraulic retarder: the patron saint of life

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for long-distance truck drivers, going downhill is like a nightmare. At present, the usual exhaust brake or water spray brake of trucks can not fundamentally ensure the safety of drivers. Today, master he, a truck driver who has been running in the front line of mountain road transportation for many years, recommended the fast "hydraulic retarder", which he called the "patron saint of life". Is it really so magical? Let's go and have a look

first knew the hydraulic retarder

first knew the hydraulic retarder at a truck forum in Europe. A Spanish truck driver talked about how his heavy truck went down the mountain without using the brakes, which made me interested in auxiliary braking. In China, eddy current retarders have been used on large buses for a long time, and some domestic trucks have also been equipped with eddy current retarders, but the torque produced by eddy current retarders is limited and the heat dissipation is slow, so the braking force is a little weak for Chinese heavy trucks

in China, hydraulic retarder is still a very new thing, and many truck drivers do not understand it. When it comes to auxiliary braking, the first thing you blurt out is exhaust braking, and exhaust valve (in cylinder) braking has also come to your attention with the emergence of large displacement engines in recent years. However, in mountainous areas in the west, for trucks with a total weight of 55 tons, the exhaust valve braking is insufficient at high speed, and greater braking torque is required at this time

by chance, I met the technical engineers of a domestic truck supporting factory and learned that they were developing a series hydraulic retarder with a maximum braking torque of 4000 n · m, which aroused my curiosity. After many times of understanding and test driving the test vehicle, the technical engineer told me that now he is looking for a batch of operating vehicles to experiment and refit the new hydraulic retarder. The vehicles of several friends and I installed the hydraulic retarder from the middle of 2011 to the beginning of 2012, and observed this new product from the perspective of the user

principle of hydraulic retarder

hydraulic retarder is generally installed at the rear end of mechanical transmission, and the front end of transmission shaft is divided into parallel type and series type. After opening, it is mainly braked on the transmission shaft. Structurally, it is two back-to-back hydraulic couplers. The pump wheels of the two couplers are integrated and connected to the first shaft of the transmission, which is called the rotor of the hydraulic retarder. The two turbines are stationary, called the stator of the hydraulic retarder. Two rows of blades are cast on the cast aluminum rotor, and three balancing holes are opened on the rotor to balance the oil pressure in the two cavities. Both the cover and the shell are equipped with fixed blades

the braking torque of hydraulic retarder depends on the oil pressure and oil volume in the working chamber, as well as the rotor speed and its characteristic curve. When the car goes downhill, the car slides under the action of gravity to make the rotor of the retarder run at high speed. At this time, fill the hydraulic retarder with oil. The working oil level is accelerated in the rotor and decelerated in the stator. It gives the rotor a great reverse torque, thus braking the car. When the car goes downhill, the potential energy is gradually transformed into heat energy in the hydraulic retarder. The high-temperature working oil is led to the heat exchanger for cooling, and the cooled working oil is continuously supplemented through the oil pump. In this way, continuous braking can be carried out

the heat exchanger of the hydraulic retarder is connected with the vehicle's heat dissipation waterway, and the heat dissipation depends on the radiator carried by the vehicle itself. There will certainly be many people here who question whether the long-term use of hydraulic retarder will cause high temperature in the waterway of vehicles

in most cases, the engine and hydraulic retarder are used at staggered peak. When climbing a slope, the heat generated by the engine's work is taken away by the radiator. When going downhill, the engine is in a passive state, and the work of the hydraulic retarder is taken away by the radiator. As long as the heat dissipation power is sufficient and the flow rate of the water pump is sufficient, the hydraulic retarder can make the vehicles with a total weight of 55 tons comfortable on the slopes of most frequent driving roads in the West. Generally, the switch is set to gear 4, the first gear is the constant speed gear, and the other three gears are the deceleration gear, which can be associated with the main vehicle braking, or with the exhaust valve (in cylinder) braking, so as to improve the braking force

for many long-distance trucks now, going down the long slope is like a nightmare. The main brake of the vehicle is mainly used, and the brake drum is sprayed with water to cool down, so as to extend the braking capacity, but this is very unscientific. Relying on the main brake of the vehicle to go downhill all year round, the use of water spray will cause frequent rupture of the brake drum, early damage of the brake pads, and the water spray only controls the temperature, and can not completely cool the brake pads. After a long slope, the brake will still be weak. If there is an emergency after a dark turn at this time, it is up to fate. In northern areas, spraying on long slopes in winter will also cause road icing, which will have a direct impact on their own and others' driving safety. Accidents caused by losing control of downhill are common every year, so the emergence of hydraulic retarder can completely solve this problem

an account of truck drivers

among the first batch of operational test vehicles, a truck has been running on the Jinghong line from Chengdu, Sichuan Province to Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province for a long time. There are many mountain roads on the road, and countless ramps close to the limit. I made an account with the car owner. If the hydraulic retarder is widely equipped with the car, the price may be around 30000-50000. Many people will feel that it is more painful and not cost-effective to take tens of thousands. But if you carefully calculate the cost, you will find that if you run on mountain roads for a long time, you may save it for more than a year

first of all, you can not install the water shower. The general installation cost of the water shower is 2000 yuan. I have been running in Yunnan for 20 days a year and need to add water. Sometimes it is used to cut off the whole motor source in case of emergency; Add water several times a day. Even if you add water twice a day on average, you need to add water 40 times a month. The amount of water added to the trailer tank varies from 10 yuan to 20 yuan. Subject to 15 yuan, 40 times is 600 yuan a month, 7200 yuan a year

with the retarder, I don't step on the brake when I go downhill in non emergency situations. My car doesn't have ABS. Occasionally, the trailer wheels will lock up. A high hub temperature will also cause accelerated tire wear. Generally, I change the tire once a year. The retarder has been used for one year. At present, the tire wear is not too great. I estimate that the tire life can be prolonged. Even if one tire is used for an average of 2000 yuan, the average annual usage fee is about 700 yuan after three years. If the whole car has 22 tires that can be used for an extra year, 15400 yuan will be saved. The brake pads of the whole car are replaced once for about 1000 yuan. I used to change the brake pads every 60000 kilometers in Yunnan. After using the hydraulic retarder, I have run 130000 kilometers. The brake pads are still usable, even if I save a maintenance. Such a rough calculation can save 23600 yuan a year. You don't need to add water to save time, improve efficiency and drag a ton of water to climb the slope, and the fuel consumption will inevitably increase. Without the water shower, you can also load more goods, keep the main brake in the best state at any time, and step on it in case of emergency. This safety is priceless

do you think it's cost-effective to install one? When it comes to selling cars, you can also sell a little more money because of this configuration. This is a matter of great benefit without harm

as the saying goes, safety is benefit. For many truck people, an accident may make you return to before liberation overnight. At present, the domestic truck engine displacement is getting larger and larger, and the configuration is becoming more and more high-end, which has laid a good foundation for the allocation of hydraulic retarder. In addition, the new version of GB7258 standard issued by relevant departments clearly requires that "the casting of manufacturers with more than 12 tons of retarder equipment is to use the casting method to make metal materials produce plastic deformation retarders or other auxiliary devices", Many large fatigue classified passenger cars have also been forced to install hydraulic retarders. In the future, there will be more and more fast hydraulic retarders guarding the driver's friends

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