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Trucks lined up to buy illegal plastic bags

after the collapse of Luohe Huaqiang Plastic Factory, a group of small workshop plastic bag production enterprises emerged in some nearby urban villages, producing a large number of ultra-thin bags banned by the state every day. In recent days, some insiders reported that the production of these enterprises was very hot, the power load in the village suddenly increased, and residents' homes often tripped. Recently, under the guidance of insiders, open and secret investigations were carried out

insight: ultra thin bags are still in use

according to the notice on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags issued by the general office of the State Council, the production, sale and use of plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm (hereinafter referred to as ultra-thin bags) are prohibited nationwide from June 1, 2008. At present, in the newly revised catalogue for the guidance of industrial restructuring by the national development and Reform Commission, ultra-thin bags have been listed as obsolete products and are prohibited from being produced, sold and used throughout the country. Governments at all levels are taking effective measures to urge enterprises to produce durable and recyclable plastic shopping bags

since the implementation of the plastic restriction order, we have seen in major supermarkets in Luohe that most businesses can abide by the relevant regulations and no longer provide free shopping bags to consumers. Yesterday, I saw in many small supermarkets in Luohe that businesses are still using ultra-thin bags. In particular, it is very common for merchants in some market markets and street vendors to provide ultra-thin bags free of charge

insiders revealed that these ultra-thin bags on the market are produced in Luohe City. These small workshops mainly produce at night, and cars go to the small workshops to pull goods in the morning

unannounced visit 1: the small workshop business is booming

on the morning of the 18th, according to the clues provided by the insider, an unannounced visit was made to an urban village in the suburbs of Luohe

as soon as I entered the village, I saw that there were more than a dozen small factories producing plastic bags, and recruitment advertisements posted at the gate of the factory could be seen everywhere: urgent recruitment of film blowing workers, hot cutting workers, ear tapping workers, and wage prices were negotiated face to face. A ear tapping worker in a factory told me that due to the recent booming business in the factory, there was a shortage of workers now. He started work at 5 a.m. when the researchers said, and he was the only one who slapped the plastic bags produced by the whole factory, It takes more than ten hours to work a day

as soon as I walked into a small workshop specializing in the production of white ultra-thin plastic bags, the pungent smell came to my face. We can see that four film blowing machines, eight bag making machines and one earphone are being stepped up production. The white bags produced are tied with rubber bands and stacked in the workshop. These plastic bags are ultra-thin and are prohibited by the state

we are out of stock here. The owner of the small factory said that his business was booming after the Spring Festival this year. Now he has received an order of 200000 yuan. If he needs goods, he must wait until a week later. When asked about the price of plastic bags, the boss said that the price of plastic bags is also changing due to the recent rise in plastic additives. Like this 0.017 mm plastic bag, 13 kg 180 yuan. The boss can find the reason from the above four aspects and solve a plastic bag

unannounced visit 2: someone waited for goods for a month

in another compound that produces black plastic bags, he saw that the raw materials for producing plastic bags, cooked particles, were piled up all over the yard, and vehicles were constantly pulling goods out. Now the plastic bag business is very popular, and there are an endless stream of people coming to the factory to ask for goods, which has not been affected by the plastic restriction order. A worker said that there are four enterprises producing plastic bags in our yard, including white bags and black bags

during the unannounced interview of the relevant media, the power supply in the factory was cut off. The factory owner said that business was very good this year, and several factories around him had added new machines to speed up production. Now the electricity in the village was insufficient, and power cuts occurred from time to time. The process of producing plastic bags is simple and does not require much investment, so there are more than a dozen family workshop enterprises producing plastic bags in this village

at the scene, a businessman from Shanghai said that he had lived here for a week and loaded the car after the goods were ready. The day before yesterday, an Anhui businessman lived here for a month before waiting for goods. The factory owner said that their goods were sold to Hunan, Anhui, Shanxi and other places

seen in many small factories producing ultra-thin bags, as long as the products are off the production line, the queued trucks will be loaded and transported away immediately

identification: plastic bags do not meet environmental protection requirements

during the unannounced visit, they strengthened communication and took plastic bags of different specifications produced by several small factories. After the secret visit, he came to Luohe Environmental Protection Bureau and asked relevant people to identify these plastic bags. According to the identification, the plastic bags produced by these small workshops do not meet the environmental protection standards. A professional from the Bureau said that the ultra-thin bags are not only non degradable, but also inconvenient to recycle, causing great pollution to the environment, and are strictly prohibited by the state

then, I interviewed relevant personnel of Luohe Bureau of quality and technical supervision. He said that the quality supervision department will establish a product quality supervision mechanism for plastic shopping bag manufacturers according to laws and regulations. Those who continue to produce ultra-thin bags in violation of regulations, or fail to affix (seal) the product logo of qualified plastic shopping bags in accordance with the regulations, will be ordered to stop production, confiscate the illegally produced products, confiscate the illegal income, and be fined in accordance with the law

some small factories producing ultra-thin bags in Luohe City have become the main source of white pollution. They brazenly produce ultra-thin bags that have been banned under the eyes of some law enforcement departments. Why is it left unattended? The insider said in confusion

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