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On the morning of December 11, a large trailer overturned on the fast track from Huian County to Dong station in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, and dozens of tons of goods on the vehicle were dumped in the middle of the road. Fortunately, no other passing vehicles were injured when the accident occurred

the winding process of accident continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites is located in the Baxia Village section of the fast track from Huian County to Dongzhan station. When arriving at the scene, the large trailer had been lifted and righted, but the goods like a hill had not been cleaned up. These goods occupying nearly two lanes were some waste paper sheets, and the vehicles heading for Huian bullet train station and Quanzhou had to slow down. According to the driver of the large trailer, the waste paper sheet loaded on the car was more than 30 tons, and it was intended to be transported from Fuzhou to a paper mill in Zhangzhou, which had a quality improvement. At more than five o'clock in the morning, when driving here, the driver was unfamiliar with the road conditions, resulting in an accident


how did you roll

(load the ball group through the loading system - Master Chen, the driver of the large trailer of the 4-ball friction and wear tester)

the road over there is uneven and a little ditch, and then the car shook in this direction and overturned

barrel temperature: when the barrel temperature (plastic temperature) is high

after the car overturned, master Chen climbed out of the window, but fortunately he was only slightly injured. After he got out of trouble, he called the company and contacted the rescue vehicle at the same time. At more than 9 a.m., the large crane came to the scene and hoisted the large trailer to upright. However, due to the damage of the vehicle, it was unable to continue driving, so it had to wait for the company to send a car to transfer the goods. According to master Ji of the big crane on the side, the intersection is too big, and the big truck drivers who are not familiar with the road conditions are prone to rollover as soon as they turn in a hurry


how many times have you hung up

(Master Ji, crane operator)

it has been hoisted here for several times, and it is also in this position

at this intersection, three Trailer accidents occurred within three months. Remind drivers to drive carefully when passing this section

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