The hottest truck in a carton factory in Shangqiu,

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Henan Shangqiu a carton factory truck spontaneous combustion fierce fire

at about 4:50 p.m. on June 17, just add the corresponding masterbatch. 300 meters away from the Third Ring Road in the north of xiashanglu County, Shangqiu, Henan Province, a truck full of cartons suddenly ignited, and the fire was fierce. Fortunately, the truck driver found out in time that he threw the cartons out of the car, and the cartons burned more than half. The people and cars were all right. According to the driver, they were transported from a carton factory in Liji town to a food packaging factory in Caoji, Xiayi. At present, the cause of the fire is under further investigation

according to incomplete statistics, nearly 50% of automobile spontaneous combustion accidents are truck spontaneous combustion, which is not only the design of material formula. Therefore, the technical requirements of fuel tank driving and line refitting in the era of line aging and overload There are many reasons for the spontaneous combustion of freight cars, such as:

1. Electrical appliances or lines are on fire:

freight cars run on roads all year round, with poor service environment and fast aging lines; Moreover, the bumpy vehicle makes the friction between the line and the vehicle body serious, which may cause the insulation layer on the surface of the line to fall off, and the short circuit between the positive and negative electrodes may cause sparks to ignite oil stains and fire

in addition, some car owners refit the lines at will, causing electrical equipment aging or electrical equipment load overload is also one of the reasons

2. Fuel or lubricating oil leakage

if the greasy inside the engine is not cleaned for a long time, the accumulated greasy will prevent heat dissipation, resulting in excessive engine temperature, or the battery terminal has impurities and oil stains, which will make the contact point heat up and cause combustion

due to the long-term operation of the engine, a large number of rubber (plastic) pipelines in the oil circuit system may fail, or even slightly leak. If the oil leakage is not cleaned and replaced in time, a large amount of grease and oil will accumulate outside the engine. When the vehicle is working, the external temperature of the engine is high, and the sparks caused by short circuit of electrical appliances and lines ignite the external oil pollution of the engine, which will cause a raging fire in an instant

3. Mechanical friction fire:

the engine lubrication system is short of oil, and the surfaces of parts are in contact with each other to produce high temperature. If they come into contact with combustibles, they can cause a fire

due to long-term contact friction of the automobile braking system (generally driving downhill on a mountain road and pressing the brake for a long time), or the failure of the automobile braking system, the braking device does not return (brake locking), and the long-term friction between the wheel hub and the brake pad device causes the wheel hub and steel ring to be red, igniting tires, oil stains, and combustibles, causing a fire. This kind of phenomenon usually occurs in the rear wheels of large trailers. The driver of this kind of accident is less likely to find it by himself, and it is generally a disaster when it is found

4. Fire caused by human carelessness:

the driver ignited the seat in the cab due to improper handling after smoking, such as whether the seat was in line with the alignment accuracy, and whether the seat and interior trim parts caused a fire

there are thousands of roads, safety first! No matter the carton factory or the packaging factory, in the process of transportation, it should be maintained and checked frequently; Observe traffic regulations and don't get tired

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