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Truck home uses the "hidden number treasure" solution of xunzhongyun communication

about truck home

truck home is a truck portal and commercial vehicle interactive service platform. It was launched on June 1, 2009 and officially listed in the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system in 2015. Relying on the six platforms of data, information, interaction, trading, mobile Internet and service, truck home has a broad driver community of mobile from an international perspective, with an average of more than 7.1 million daily visits, users covering more than 63% of truck drivers in China, and more than 7000 truck 4S stores

as the largest truck portal and commercial vehicle trading platform in China, how to make customers connect more smoothly with dealers when they need to query the test results of samples or sample groups that have been stored in the machine, improve transaction efficiency, and give more play to the functions of the platform to promote more business development has become an urgent problem for truck home

in 2017, truck home reached a deep cooperation with Xunzhong communication, and solved the above problems at one stroke by using Xunzhong cloud communication hidden number treasure solution

one click call, quick connection to business

before, when users browsed the truck information at the truck home station or app and carried out inquiry and other consulting services, they needed to fill in the customer information registration form, submit it on the page or client, and then wait for the dealer to query the database and call back. The whole process is tedious, and the waiting process is also lengthy

now, through the xunzhongyun communication voice platform, truck home can implant a call button on the page and the client. When the customer has an intention to consult, he can directly click the call button to contact the dealer in real time, which greatly improves the consultation efficiency. This function of call integration can be realized by implanting a few lines of code in the background of truck home

it is worth mentioning that the customer does not need to pay for the call costs of the above consultation process. The backstage of truck home, through the hidden number treasure service of xunzhongyun communication, after obtaining the numbers of both parties to the transaction, the fatigue testing machine is fully equipped, and do not send a call request to both parties. The platform will pay for the call costs incurred in this process

that is, hide the real number with a steel ball or ball punch of a certain specification to ensure information security

before, users always worried about the number leakage when submitting personal information at the truck home. Now, through the consultation conducted by truck home, the number displayed on users and dealers is not the real number, but the virtual number assigned by yinhaobao voice platform, which effectively protects the information security of both sides

communication data report expands more business

as a truck home relying on six platforms: data, information, interaction, transaction, mobile Internet and service, naturally, we don't want the platform to be just a display platform for information. In addition to using yinhaobao service to strengthen information security management, truck home also uses the communication value-added service communication data report of Xunzhong to deposit and analyze big data and provide valuable data reference for providing more accurate services in the future. By depositing the data of customers and truck dealers, truck home can select high-quality customers and dealers, and further provide more efficient business docking, so as to expand more business possibilities

at present, the voice service platform of xunzhongyun communication, based on the operator's dedicated line, has provided communication solutions based on cryptobao for real estate brokerage, second-hand trading, dating, travel logistics and other industries, which can realize a variety of communication business needs, improve users' product experience, and help customers achieve business take-off

in addition to voice services, Xunzhong communication is also committed to using cloud communication full capability services to connect the internal and external communication scenarios of enterprises, and endow these scenarios with communication capabilities, so that the communication capabilities can be fully cloud, mobile and intelligent. At the same time, enterprises can easily and quickly obtain these communication capabilities, improve communication experience and connect more business scenarios

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