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The truck market has made a good start, and heavy trucks have made a good start. How to choose the parameters of universal metal material testing machine in

after the national economy entered the new normal, the trucks in commercial vehicles on the whole embarked on the road of adjustment, and basically never reappeared in the hot peak period of the new year

although the overall truck market in commercial vehicles in January 2017 still did not have a particularly prominent performance, with 267500 vehicles produced and 271700 vehicles sold, a decrease of 24.45% and 14.60% respectively compared with December 2016, and an increase of 4.68% and 20.71% respectively compared with January 2016. However, it can be seen that the year-on-year growth in production and sales, especially the year-on-year growth in sales of more than 20%, can still be seen as a good start to the domestic truck market this year, basically reversing the downturn in the market at the beginning of 2016

the super strong growth of heavy trucks has driven the whole market

specifically, the most eye-catching among the four different types of heavy, medium, light and micro vehicles of different sizes is heavy trucks. In January 2017, 81800 vehicles were produced and 83000 vehicles were sold, with a month on month decrease of 16.66% and an increase of 10.22% respectively, and a year-on-year significant increase of 87.62% and 125.15% respectively. The other three types of vehicles did not have the hot phenomenon of heavy trucks. The production and sales of medium-sized trucks were 13800 and 14900 respectively, with a month on month decrease of 62.73% and 48.02% respectively, and a year-on-year decrease of 26.50% and 10.22% respectively; The production and sales of light trucks were 121200 and 118800 respectively. On a month on month basis, Tinius Olsen focused on launching a material testing automation system at the 2017 control exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, with a decrease of 27.65% and 26.51% respectively, and a year-on-year decrease of 11.35% and 1.39% respectively; The production and sales of minivans were 50800 and 55000 respectively, a month on month decrease of 9.79% and an increase of 4.71%, a year-on-year decrease of 10.26% and an increase of 7.50%

according to the sales volume, among the total sales volume of 271700 trucks of the four types, the sales volume of 83000 heavy trucks accounted for 30.56%, nearly one third, and its super high year-on-year growth rate of 125.15% played a driving role of 99% (contribution) in realizing the year-on-year growth of 20.71% in the overall truck market. In other words, the contribution of the overall truck market sales growth basically comes from heavy trucks (minivans also have a little contribution rate). In other words, if there is no super performance of heavy trucks, there will not be a good start to 2017

the dual support of overload control and economic warming

the reason why the heavy-duty truck market is booming, on the whole, has inherited the good trend of the heavy-duty truck market since October 2016, which is mainly due to the heavy-duty truck update tide promoted by the new policy of overload control implemented by the state. Of course, this is also closely related to the gradual warming of the national macro-economy, the new upsurge of infrastructure construction, including the "the Belt and Road", and the structural changes in the transportation market in the past two years

an expert who has been tracking and analyzing the truck market for a long time pointed out that in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone, the sales of heavy truck market reached 236800 units, and the sales volume of Evonik in 2013 was about 12.7 billion euros, a net increase of 96000 units over the same period last year, an increase of 68%. The average sales volume in this quarter was close to 80000 vehicles per month. Even in the year with the highest sales volume in history, it is still a quarter with high sales volume

at the same time, from the trend of manufacturing PMI purchasing managers' index in recent months, the PMI values in October, November, December 2016 and January 2017 for four consecutive months were 51.2, 51.7, 51.4 and 51.3 respectively, sweeping away the situation of hovering around the 50 boom and bust line for about a year. Even if the Spring Festival falls in January this year, its PMI value is still at 51.3, which is a high value, indicating that some key industries led by manufacturing are indeed continuing to recover

heavy duty general rise and light duty mixed

among the 26 heavy-duty truck manufacturing enterprises counted by the China Association of automobile manufacturers, 11 enterprises with large sales (more than 800 vehicles) in January were FAW Group, China heavy duty truck, Dongfeng Motor, Shaanxi Automobile Group, BAIC Futian, Anhui Jianghuai, Chengdu Universiade, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Anhui Valin, beiben heavy advanced rail transit equipment and materials automobile and Nanjing XCMG, The market share of these 11 enterprises is as high as 99.13%, basically representing the overall domestic heavy-duty trucks. Among these 11 enterprises, as many as 9 enterprises have more than doubled their sales in January year-on-year. Beiben heavy truck, which has the highest growth rate, has a year-on-year growth of 343.52%, the leader FAW Group has a growth rate of 229.54%, and JAC, which ranks third in the growth rate, has a growth rate of 165.95%

in terms of the top six enterprises with larger sales volume, their sales volume in January was more than 6000, and the market share of these six enterprises was 90.54%. These enterprises can be regarded as the top priority of the analysis of China's heavy truck market and even the whole truck market

in addition, from the light truck market with the largest proportion of production and sales, although the overall sales increased by 1.39% year-on-year, this small decline can be seen as basically the same as the same period last year. Today, when the urban logistics industry is in the ascendant, it is natural that light trucks, as the main model, can achieve such achievements. However, measured by the year-on-year growth rate of enterprises, each enterprise has risen and fallen, in sharp contrast to the general rise pattern of the heavy truck market, indicating that the overall light truck market is in a balanced state

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