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Energy saving transformer has become the main melody of the industry, and Huachen takes the lead

as a clean energy, electric energy has become the main driving force for the development of the times. Both industrial production and transportation are vigorously promoting the application of electric energy. Especially in the current situation of deteriorating environment, it is urgent to replace traditional energy with electric energy. The promotion of electric energy is inseparable from the application of transformers. With the theme of green development becoming more and more popular, energy-saving products have become the main theme of the transformer industry

however, due to the technical difficulties of energy-saving transformers, and the fact that most transformer enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises with limited R & D strength, they often obtain market profits in the form of low-cost bidding, which also leads to uneven product quality of energy-saving transformers in the market to a great extent

Jiangsu Huachen Transformer Co., Ltd. has formed a perfect technical and theoretical system through years of innovation and exploration in which the pointer should not be blocked and jump, and has continuously introduced advanced energy-saving transformer products, becoming the benchmark and model of energy-saving products in the industry. Huachen energy efficiency class I dry-type transformer has the characteristics of "low loss", "low noise" and "low partial discharge". Its no-load loss is more than 30% lower than that of scb10 type products, and all losses are lower than that of scb13 type dry-type transformer. It has excellent energy-saving effect, economic operation and maintenance free. The noise level of the product is higher than that of the current CSL cable. The sample containing graphite is trimmed to a regular shape; No matter what method is used to sample the medium and high voltage cable with olefin composite high molecular semi conductive shield, the professional standard/t "kV transformer sound level" of BOC is being trial produced, which is lower than dB. Moreover, the resin mixture of the product adopts foreign advanced mixing method and vacuum film degassing technology to mix the mixture evenly and completely eliminate the bubbles in the mixture. The product has only a very low local discharge, which can be controlled below 5pc. Both high and low voltage coils are poured under vacuum and pressure, so that the resin insulation has both full encapsulation and inter turn immersion. The castable has a dense curing structure, which is flame-retardant, explosion-proof and does not pollute the environment

Huachen energy efficiency class I dry-type transformer also performs well in terms of safety performance. The glass fiber and other insulating materials of the product winding coil have self extinguishing characteristics, which will not produce arc due to short circuit, and the resin will not produce toxic and harmful gases under high heat. Moreover, the whole machine also has high mechanical strength. The resin with filler makes the difference of expansion coefficient in the casting body small, curing shrinkage small, internal stress small, and the hardness of the cured product high. Prefabricated reinforcing materials are placed in the epoxy resin coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the high and low voltage coils, which has a dense structure like reinforced concrete, so the mechanical strength is also greater than that of the pure epoxy resin, It can withstand sudden short-circuit electrodynamic action without damage

under the development requirements of the era of comprehensively advocating energy conservation and consumption reduction, the transformer industry that bears the brunt must play a leading role of positive demonstration. Energetically promoting energy-saving products and empowering power development, transformation and upgrading are the direction and direction of many transformer manufacturers. It is believed that in this process, Jiangsu Huachen transformer will continue to set a benchmark for the industry with its continuously improved technical level and innovative spirit of starting Futures: Coke 1609 contract fluctuates and rises in the afternoon and remains the same

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