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Do you know the hidden car technology of engine sinking? This has a lot to do with their own safety.

now the number of cars is gradually increasing, and all kinds of accidents inevitably occur on the road at any time. Most car owners know how to drive a car, but do you know the term "engine sinking"

what is the sinking of the engine

engine sinking is one of the widely used automotive technologies. In case of high-speed impact, the hard engine becomes a "lethal weapon". The sunken engine support is designed to prevent the engine from being inserted into the cab in case of frontal impact, so as to reserve more living space for drivers and passengers. The sinking of the engine does not mean that the engine falls to the ground, but that in the event of a collision, the engine support drops by a few centimeters, and the whole frame is used to block the engine to avoid crashing into the cab

do you know the working principle of engine sinking

when the car is impacted by the front, the engine is easy to move backward, that is, to the cab, making the living space in the car smaller, thus causing injury to the drivers and passengers

in order to prevent the engine from moving towards the cab, the designer designed a mechanism for the engine to convert the force of the engine moving laterally into longitudinal movement. Once the vehicle is impacted in front, the engine support will move downward instead of directly hitting the cab

will there be interference from engine sinking

although this technology is the same as the standard configuration of airbag, there will be an absolute human factor that will have the opportunity to interfere with it. This is the engine guard

as the name suggests, the engine guard is to protect the engine. When the car is driving on some roads with large fluctuations, the height of the road fluctuations exceeds the minimum ground clearance of the engine oil pan, which is likely to cause damage to the engine oil pan and then damage the engine. Although some of the models on sale are equipped with engine guards in the original factory, the installation of engine guards is a personalized item for customers and is not a mandatory requirement

in fact, the engine guard is something you often rely on or use without giving full play to the advantages of regional agglomeration and development. You are not sure when you will use it, but it will definitely save you a lot of money when it works. It is impossible for cars to only drive on straight urban roads forever. Even old drivers cannot guarantee that they will not rub the bottom of the car through the rotten roads. With the continuous development of China's economy and society, the motive shield can minimize this damage to the greatest extent. According to this feature, it should be well installed

the problem is that the "design of engine sinking during collision" is adopted in the design. If the engine guard is installed, the engine sinking will be blocked by a very strong guard in case of traffic accidents. The sinking position is not enough, and the safety will be greatly reduced or even almost gone. The engine guard is to protect the engine, but the engine sinking design is to make the engine sink when the beam displacement measurement: the resolution is 0.01mm, and the force generated by impact is enough to bring about the longitudinal displacement of the engine, that is, when it is squeezed into the cab, so as to avoid or reduce the damage to the driver

the materials of conventional engine guard include iron (stainless steel, aluminum alloy) and colloid (plastic, resin). The material of the guard plate provided by the original factory is the plastic guard plate, which will be used in the calculation of whether there is secondary injury to the drivers and passengers due to the engine sinking in the event of an accident after the car factory controls the severity of its daily use environment and the cost of parts and components after aging, but the same requirement as that of rally cars is that iron must be the best for durability and stability in harsh environments

therefore, the owner decides whether to install the engine guard after measuring his daily use. After all, there are obvious differences in price positioning due to different materials. There are hundreds of ordinary guard boards, and thousands of relatively good ones. But the protection of the oil pan and transmission oil pan can save you a lot of money. After all, the maintenance price of mechanical parts is not cheap

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