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Comprehensive upgrading of energy-saving technology the energy-saving industry has ushered in the second spring. The development of energy-saving industry has once again taken substantive steps. On April 18, Tsinghua University officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Luzhi technology, the first brand in the domestic energy-saving industry, in the innovation building of Tsinghua University. According to the agreement, the energy-saving technology R & D team jointly established by both parties will carry out comprehensive cooperation in the fields of "comprehensive energy-saving" integrated solutions, second-generation and third-generation energy-saving assumption that you want to obtain more information technology R & D, international cutting-edge energy-saving technology R & D, etc. So far, Tsinghua University has officially become the R & D base of Luzhi technology, which is also the first independent R & D base of energy-saving technology in China

domestic energy-saving products need to be upgraded.

looking back on the development process of more than ten years, it can be seen that the power-saving industry has experienced a process from technology introduction to imitation production, from independent innovation to brand cantilever material molding. According to mozhilu, executive director of China Energy Conservation Association, since 1996, China's energy-saving enterprises have brought technology and products from abroad to promote and sell, so as to have a power-saving industry. Most of the products are sold to industrial enterprises. In the early days, most users did not have any concept of power saving, so they encountered many difficulties in promoting it

as enterprises further realize the importance of energy conservation, they also have a direct understanding of the return on investment of energy conservation. The demand for energy and power conservation has been greatly stimulated, and the enterprises providing energy-saving and power-saving products have also experienced a blowout, from a few to twoorthree

however, there are various hidden worries behind the rapid development. According to mozhilu, at present, the quality of some domestic power-saving products is mixed, and the power-saving effect is claimed to be 20%-30%, but in fact it is not. Product technology also lags behind seriously. Many enterprises do not put technology research and development in the first place. As a result, the continuous research and development of some product technologies is insufficient, and subsequent products can not keep up. Experiments such as stretching, tightening, low cycle and high cycle fatigue of materials and parts can not meet the needs of enterprises for comprehensive energy saving

it is learned that the technology of most domestic energy-saving products is at a relatively lagging level, while the multi-functional analog and digital logic circuits representing the highest level of global energy-saving technology carry out real-time current detection, dynamic compensation, resonance suppression, reactive power compensation, active (active) filtering, remote tracking and diagnosis technology, etc. Except for leading brands like Luzhi technology, most domestic enterprises have not. At the same time, Siemens and other international brands have also sounded the clarion call to enter the Chinese market, and China's power saving industry will certainly face a stage of reshuffle. Therefore, the domestic t= (p/f) *sin a energy-saving brand needs to be upgraded. Only in this way can it have a foothold in the fierce market competition

from power saving to comprehensive energy saving

in the new development stage, the connotation of energy saving and power saving has also begun to change quietly. According to jiangxinjian, director of the Institute of power electronics and motor systems of Tsinghua University, in the foreign power saving market, from the development of simple power saving technologies and the provision of products, it has developed into a one-stop service that can provide technical product provision, overall energy audit analysis and overall energy service solutions. This kind of enterprise that provides overall energy services for enterprises, governments and other units is called ESCO (energy service provider). ESCO provides users with a full range of services including "energy audit", "investment analysis of energy projects", "technical scheme design of energy projects", "project financing", "procurement of equipment involved in energy projects", "engineering construction of energy projects", "verification and analysis of energy-saving effects of energy projects", "maintenance and maintenance training of energy projects", etc

in China, most enterprises have not accumulated enough in this respect. "However, we are glad to see that a group of leading brands like Luzhi technology are engaged in such things, and are gradually moving from a single product to a multi series of products, and from product marketing to solution provision. This is a gratifying phenomenon." Jiangxinjian, director of the Institute of power electronics and motor systems, Tsinghua University, told me excitedly

it is understood that at present, Luzhi technology has always maintained an internationally synchronized technical level, with a product family of up to five series and hundreds of models, which basically meets the power saving and protection needs of users in terms of system, power, lighting, etc. Products such as active power filter for greening electricity jointly developed with Tsinghua University will also be officially launched this year, and comprehensive energy-saving integrated solutions for industrial enterprises will also be launched one after another

independent innovation and technology serve the world

at present, while international well-known brands are stepping into the Chinese market, domestic well-known brands are also actively exploring the pace of entering the international market. In the domestic market, many enterprises do not have a high sales volume due to lack of marketing ability and brand influence. In addition, the capital threshold for technology research and development is relatively high, so there is not much capital invested in technology. In the competition with international brands, we can only talk about the price and localized services

however, with the strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University and the construction of the first independent R & D base for energy-saving technologies, enterprises like Luzhi technology will show their unique advantages in the competition with international brands: Technologies and products synchronized with international brands, relatively low prices and high comprehensive cost performance. At the signing ceremony, mozhilu said that Luzhi technology will take Tsinghua University as the technical backing, actively expand the international market, export its products to Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other places, and serve global users with the internationally leading Chinese independent innovation technology

experts believe that with the decline of the global traditional manufacturing industry, the price of electronic components has shrunk significantly, which effectively solves the problem of high price of power-saving products. Therefore, the problem that "many excellent power-saving products cannot be brought to the market because they cannot solve the problem of cost control" will also be effectively solved. We expect that Luzhi technology, with the continuous technical support of Tsinghua University, will carry the ardent expectations of colleagues in China's energy conservation industry to the international stage and show the brilliance of "created in China"

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