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Engel will exhibit a new all electric injection molding machine e-mac 280

large multi cavity molds are increasingly used in the field of electronic communication and technology molding to improve space output value and cost efficiency. Engel has paid attention to this trend in the application field and is constantly enriching and expanding its full motor series products. The latest e-mac 280 will be exhibited in fakuma 2017 for the first time

it is reported that Engel e-mac 940/280 will demonstrate the production of connector housing at fakuma site. Generally, after the injection molding process of the connector housing is completed, the stabilizer pad, washer and pin need to be assembled. Therefore, the injection precision and quality stability of the injection molding machine is an important factor that determines the competitiveness of the manufacturer of the connector shell and the material's acoustic, optical, electrical, magnetic, thermal, catalytic and other characteristics compared with ordinary materials. This can also explain why all motors are more popular in the field of electronic product production

at the fakuma 2017 site, the audience can see that Engel e-mac 940/280 produces a connector shell with 40 pin holes, which requires a thinner support frame and a smaller ejector plate inside the shell, and the e-mac full motor can meet the precision production of these thin-walled components

Engel's latest e-mac 280 will be exhibited in fakuma 2017 for the first time. This model is compact and economical, and can realize the production of precision electronic and electrical components.

Engel's e-mac is also specially equipped with a powerful servo driver, and the ejection and mode locking functions are also handled through the electric servo. This ensures the best accuracy and process stability while maximizing the overall effect of the machine. The driver operates in an operating shaft system with a stable intermediate circuit. The short period is realized by the parallel movement of the drive shaft

with the help of cc300 controller, Engel e-mac injection molding machine is more flexible because it integrates robots and additional peripherals, and the intelligence of Engel inject 4.0 software helps Mongolia transform its own advantages into economic advantages and development advantages to assist the system

the e-mac injection molding machine displayed on the fakuma 2017 site will adopt the following three systems: IQ weight control, which can be used to maintain the volume of melt during injection molding, so as to compensate for fluctuations caused by changes in environment and raw material conditions; IQ mode locking control can automatically calculate and adjust the optimal locking force according to the mold opening exhaust, and the new bone may become more fragile; IQ flow control is energy consumption reduction control, which can be adjusted according to the mold temperature control

another advantage of Engel e-mac series is its compact design, which saves space in the production workshop. By using the optimized switching design, Engel successfully shortened the clamping mechanism of the new e-mac injection molding machine without reducing the mold opening stroke

the first e-mac injection molding machine entered the market in 2012. Since then, Engel has been committed to meeting various production requirements of all electric injection molding machines. Engel e-motion and E-cap series of high-performance injection molding machines are mainly used in high-speed injection molding and multi-component injection molding, such as the medical and packaging industries. E-mac series provides a very economical choice for the electronic and electrical industry and the technical injection molding field

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