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Building an energy-saving society building glass film has become the focus of the society

according to the survey, 667 of the 762 respondents believe that building glass needs to be coated, accounting for 87% of the total. 53%, which indicates that after the establishment of many modern theories of oscillation measurement analysis and imitation analysis, consumers have expressed a high degree of recognition and psychological acceptance of building glass film. The national survey shows that 87% of consumers think it is necessary to apply film to building glass. Longmo building film, a new building material of health, environmental protection and energy saving, will be a focus

4.5 billion square meters of commercial buildings and more than 20 billion yuan of film market

China's commercial building area is increasing day by day, and their energy consumption is about 22.5 billion yuan per year, of which 91% of large-scale buildings (excluding small and medium-sized) urgently need to be combined with green and environmental friendly glass film products in transformation projects. It is estimated that the area of building coating will be more than 1billion square meters. If the price per square meter is 200 yuan, the commercial area alone has a market share of 200billion yuan

indispensable cultural and entertainment achievements of modern people dragon film architectural film "soft gold"

in modern cities, cultural and entertainment facilities have become an important place for people to relax and relax after their stressful lives, and such buildings continue to rise in cities. The proportion of doors and windows in these buildings is much larger than that of commercial buildings and residential buildings. For example, aquarium, exhibition center, museum, etc

In July, 2005, the Ministry of construction and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine jointly issued and implemented the design standard for energy efficiency of public buildings. For example, wedge fixture is a comprehensive national standard for energy efficiency design of public buildings issued by China. The transportation department has also started to use reflective film on the new generation of traffic signs. This measure of the government has played a role in promoting the development of film sticking cause, and the "money" scene is broader

good quality makes Baote a good brand. At present, Longmo building film has begun to enter major cities in China with the concept of taking the market as an opportunity to make contributions to building energy conservation in the country

the world's top window film, llumar, the Dragon film LEP of the first nocote glass functional film company in the United States. As a patented technology product awarded by the U.S. Department of energy, a layer of film is equivalent to adding the magical effect of a window and a wall. Break through the technical curse that high light transmission, high heat insulation and high warmth preservation cannot be achieved at the same time, and make a perfect combination of high light transmission, high heat insulation and high warmth preservation. It is a high-tech product that is really warm in winter and cool in summer, healthy and comfortable, energy-saving in all seasons and escorted by security

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