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In the first quarter of this year, Chongqing's engine exports picked up steadily. According to customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Chongqing exported 1.288 million sets, worth 120million US dollars, an increase of 28.3% and 22.8% respectively over the same period last year (the same below). The average export price was 95.3 US dollars per set, a decrease of 4.2%. The characteristics of import and export are as follows:

first, the export volume increased continuously in each month. In the first quarter of this year, it maintained a positive growth of two digits year-on-year. In March, 472000 units were exported, with a growth rate of 40.1%, continuing the positive growth trend since December 2009 and steadily rising. Before that, except for September, 2009, it has lasted for 14 months since September, 2008. For example, raw materials are annealed in a bell type furnace protected by nitrogen (or nitrogen hydrogen mixture) and advanced, fast and automatic thickness measurement continuous rolling process; High speed progressive die with multiple pieces and multiple positions is adopted for punching small and medium-sized chain pieces; New technologies of controllable atmosphere quenching, carbonitriding and propane gas carburizing are adopted for heat treatment; The pin shaft is increased by adopting new chromizing process

II. The export of general trade was dominated and increased rapidly, while the export of processing trade decreased. The export of general trade was 1.002 million units, an increase of 58.2%, accounting for 77.8% of the total engine export of Chongqing in the same period; The export of processing trade was 284000 units, down 23.3%, accounting for 22.1% of Chongqing's total engine export in the same period

III. exports of private enterprises account for 60%. In the first quarter of this year, private enterprises exported 767000 units, an increase of 87%, accounting for 59.9% of Chongqing's total engine exports in the same period; Foreign invested enterprises exported 494000 units, down 12.7%. In addition, state-owned enterprises exported 27000 units, down 2.8%

IV. exports to the United States and the European Union declined, and exports to ASEAN doubled. In the first quarter of this year, Chongqing exported 311000 engines to the United States, with an export value of US $20million, down 21.2% and 32.9% respectively. 296000 vehicles were exported to the EU, with an export value of 30million US dollars, a decrease of 1.2 and an increase of 0.9% respectively. The supply of 260000 vehicles exported to ASEAN was perfect, with the export value of 30million US dollars, increasing by 1.4 times and 1.1 times respectively. Except for the decline in exports to Laos, the export to other ASEAN countries maintained a high-speed growth, and the export to Vietnam was 151000 units, increasing by 2 times; It exported 18000 sets to Cambodia, an increase of 4.6 times

Chongqing's engine exports to the above three countries and regions (the United States, the European Union and ASEAN) accounted for 67.3% of Chongqing's total engine exports in the same period

v. general gasoline engine and motorcycle engine are the main export varieties. In the first quarter of this year, Chongqing exported 793000 general-purpose gasoline engines, a slight increase of 1% year-on-year, accounting for 61.6% of the total engine exports; 476000 motorcycle engines were exported, a year-on-year increase of 1.3 times, accounting for 36.9% of the total engine exports

in the first quarter of this year, although Chongqing's engine exports resumed growth, they still faced several adverse factors: first, the establishment of a macro-control and market regulation mechanism throughout the world has led to uncertainty in the global economic recovery, the economic recovery process of various countries is uneven, economic policies appear to be divided, and new trade frictions continue to emerge; Second, as the largest engine export market in Chongqing, the United States, since 2010, for the imported small general-purpose gasoline engines, in addition to the products that must pass the inspection when applying for the EPA certificate, most manufacturers in infrastructure construction such as highway construction also need to add the corresponding guarantee, which puts forward stricter quality requirements for the export of our engines; Third, the export technology content of engine products in Chongqing is low, and the ability of enterprises to resist risks is weak

therefore, it is suggested that: 1. Pay attention to the construction of engine export brands, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, reduce the risk of encountering trade barriers, and maintain a healthy and orderly export order; 2、 Continue to implement the "going out" strategy, help enterprises to deeply understand the economic and trade policies and industrial characteristics of relevant countries and regions, and constantly explore the market; 3、 Further improve the service capacity of the government and industry associations, establish smooth information feedback channels, help enterprises enhance their ability to deal with trade barriers, and better meet the needs of the development of the international market

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