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The decoration of second-hand houses generally includes basic projects such as water and wire renovation, wall renovation, ceiling treatment, floor renovation, door and window renovation, but due to the long construction time, many second-hand houses are prone to problems in the process of demolition and renovation, which has a certain impact on the construction. Compared with the decoration of new houses, the decoration of second-hand houses undoubtedly increases the difficulty in design and construction

when it comes to second-hand house decoration, I'm afraid we have to start with buying a house. The quality of second-hand houses varies greatly. Generally, they will be decorated by the original owners. Sometimes the decoration will cover up many shortcomings, so when buying a house, it is best to carefully observe every detail from the facade to the corridor, from the wall, ground to doors and windows, pipes. Understand the overall structure of the house, whether the house has structural damage decoration, and whether it has selfless construction and reconstruction. In this regard, we should communicate more with the owners to understand the internal structure of the residence, including the direction of pipelines, the location of load-bearing walls, etc., so as to facilitate future redecoration. For houses with prominent quality problems, it is recommended not to buy; If there are only some small problems that can be solved, it is necessary to point out to the owner in time that this is the best bargaining chip! Choosing a second-hand house with basically in place main decoration and no hidden quality hazards can save a lot of trouble

the decoration of second-hand houses is a systematic project, so it is very necessary to formulate a detailed decoration plan before decoration. In order to avoid adding items in the decoration process, or think about it step by step. Without overall arrangement, the money can only be spent more and more. Second hand houses are different from new houses. First of all, demolition work should be carried out for decoration, but attention should be paid not to smash all the old ones, and some of the demolished materials can be reused, such as floors, tiles, etc; The key to designing the decoration of second-hand houses is to avoid breaking the load-bearing wall. Due to the small size and compact space of the old house type, there are certain limitations in the decoration design. You might as well try to use the late home accessories to expand the space; It is best to reflect the concept of energy conservation in the decoration process. For example, the transformation of waterways, the lack of rationality of the distribution of pipelines in the old building, and the location of water pipes in kitchens and bathrooms is limited. Once the change is made, it is not only necessary to replace most of the pipes, but also to reasonably divide the space location. At this time, we must choose energy-saving products, such as water-saving faucets and water-saving bathroom products





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