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Market practice has proved that environmental protection is still one of the important themes of cabinet consumption. Only by identifying their pulse, can cabinet enterprises keep up with them, find the right positioning for products, and finally win in the market competition. Nowadays, with the growth of the younger generation, the post-80s generation has become an important consumer group in the building materials market. In summary, the growing "post-80s" cabinet consumption shows five trends, which will lead to a new round of profound changes in the cabinet market

design by themselves

after having a preliminary understanding of home decoration knowledge, the "post-80s" will have a strong desire for home design. They will think that according to their own ideas, they can design an unparalleled cabinet effect and fully realize the feeling they want

the home decoration effect pictures provided by the Internet and major home decoration companies have become the source of design inspiration for the "post-80s generation". Consumers can choose the design style they want under the guidance of home decoration company designers. All kinds of information on the market are instilling the inspiration of their own knife design into consumers. The desire of the "post-80s" to build a home through their own hands is met. In front of the "post-80s generation", designers often play the role of technical support to help them solve "difficult and miscellaneous problems"

"post-80s" like to surf forums. They can not only see other people's opinions, but also fully express their views and build a unique home on the Internet. Decoration is no exception. Young home decoration owners who are not limited by time will go to major forums to dive for a period of time before decoration, look at other people's decoration classics, and be careful not to be cheated. Jump between the major forums, and finally they will be able to find the most comprehensive place for the decoration Collection - the decoration forums on various cabinet industry websites. Here, in addition to the continuous uploading of decoration secrets by netizens, there are also businessmen who are sincerely answering questions for the owners

good at cost calculation

after buying a house and redecorating, the pockets of the "post-80s" are often not too rich, and they will be very sensitive to the price of each decoration link, just like with a computer, with a total price, they will carefully study the price of motherboard, CPU, memory, hard disk, etc. Therefore, those merchants who do not have price standards, set prices indiscriminately, and discount at will, as well as those who cannot trust the "post-80s generation", will flash past in front of the "post-80s generation". The "post-80s generation" would rather spend time in major markets or supermarkets to find some high-quality and low-cost products, rather than stay for a moment in front of businesses that look magnificent but have vague prices

click the mouse to shop

buy cosmetics, clothes, food, audio-visual products, books, even mobile phones, electronic accessories, computers, etc. online has become an important place for "post-80s" consumption. Although cabinet enterprises have not yet established a safe sales channel online, many "post-80s" have begun to slowly move closer to online shopping

in fact, cabinet enterprises have a certain scale of sales through the Internet. Every month, major cabinet website forums, cabinet group purchase websites and other network platforms will organize various forms of group purchase activities to help customers buy discounted brand products

demanding environmental performance

environmental protection of home decoration is still the primary concern of decoration. The "post-80s" are well-informed and will have more reference indicators when selecting products. I once saw that the floor of a "post-80s" family was expensive solid wood floor, the bed was cheap iron bed, the sofa was steel wood cloth sofa, and the tables and chairs were glass plastic. So when she couldn't help questioning the overall collocation and style, she said: "although I pay great attention to the overall style collocation when choosing products, first of all, it must be on the premise of environmental protection. No matter how beautiful the product is, if I can't be sure it's environmentally friendly, I won't use it."





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