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Many owners think that the acceptance will only occur in the house collection stage and the construction completion stage, but in fact, the acceptance in the decoration construction process can not be ignored. Medium term acceptance generally refers to the acceptance when the concealed works are completed and ready for fine decoration. What steps should be paid attention to in the interim acceptance

◆ what is included in the interim acceptance

lighting: the circuit must be checked clearly in the mid-term acceptance, and the lighting circuit is one of them. Check whether the circuit laying conforms to the regulations, and whether the layout and arrangement of sockets, lamp switches, master switches, leakage switches, etc. conform to the drawings

ceiling: the gap between the flat ceiling and the plate shall not exceed 0.3mm, and the gap between PVC and other plastic ceiling plates shall not exceed 0.5mm

paint: after painting, the wall surface is smooth and feels good after the paint is dry, and there is no trace of painting. There is no obvious color difference and concave convex feeling on the wall within one meter, and there is no ash throwing by hand, so the quality is qualified

drainage: smooth drainage is also the key point of mid-term acceptance. If there is leakage, backflow or ponding in drainage, the drainage construction must be redone

wall building: if there is a new wall building in the home, it is necessary to check whether the wall is flat and whether the brick joints are neat, and not more than 1mm

line: the joint gap of wood sealing line, corner line and waist line decorative panel shall not exceed 0.2mm, the corner seam of the clip between the two lines shall not exceed 0.3mm, and the position of the interface between the panel and the Board shall not exceed 0.2mm

◆ what tools are needed for acceptance

tape: during the acceptance process, the tape is used to measure the net height, net width and other dimensions of the house. In addition, it is also necessary to use the tape to estimate the size of building materials and furniture that should be purchased

guiding rule: guiding rule is mainly used to measure the flatness, verticality and levelness of the wall and ground during the acceptance process, especially after the leveling of the wall and ground

feeler gauge: the feeler gauge is used to check the size of the gap, such as the size of the brick gap of the newly built wall, and the size of the gap between the plate and the line plate, which are all checked by the feeler gauge

square ruler: used to check the perpendicularity of the internal and external intersection, such as whether the internal and external intersection of the newly built wall is 90 degrees

rubber hammer: the small rubber hammer is used for the hollowing of the ground and wall during the House acceptance. It can be judged whether it is hollowed out by the sound produced during the percussion. If the percussion sound is dull, it proves that there is hollowing out

power test socket: during the interim acceptance, the power test socket is used to check whether the circuit is connected. If the power test socket shows that the circuit has problems, it needs to be rectified immediately. There are three indicator lights on the power test socket, from left to right, indicating zero line, ground line and live line respectively. If the ground wire and live wire lights are on at the same time, it means that the circuit is normal. If the three lights are not on, it means that the circuit is abnormal. If the middle light is on, it means that the ground wire is missing, and only the right light is on, it means that the zero line is missing

◆ what are the standards for interim acceptance

water supply and drainage pipeline: the pipeline installation should comply with the horizontal and vertical specifications; The installation of valves and switches should be correct and flexible; After water pressure test, all pipes, valves and joints shall be free of water seepage and leakage; The drainage pipeline is unobstructed, without leakage, backflow and ponding

electrician Construction: the installation and shunting of electric box are very reasonable, and whether the leakage switch is installed correctly; Check whether the socket is well energized; Whether the installation of switches and sockets meets the regulations, etc

ceiling Engineering: whether the specification, color and fixing method of ceiling plates and parts meet the design requirements; Whether the panel is closely connected with the keel; Whether the surface is flat without pollution and cracking

the owner, designer, project supervisor and construction director must participate in the interim acceptance. After the acceptance is qualified, the owner needs to sign on the quality report for confirmation. As a smart owner, how can serious defects and loopholes appear in home decoration? It is the wisest to understand the precautions for the interim acceptance, bring all the tools, and carefully carry out the House acceptance in the presence of all personnel





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