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In May 2019, the diving plan brought the love process to Yunnan. The activity was led by Mr. zhouwentao, chairman of the labor union. Dealers from Xuanwei store, Kunming store and Qujing store participated in the public welfare activity

in today's economic globalization, the competition among enterprises has long meant more than the competition of price and quality. The public opinion has paid more attention to the corporate image, which reflects the attention of ordinary people to the social environment. In other words, the importance of corporate social reputation is beginning to highlight, and may even directly affect the rapid development of enterprises. Whether they have a sense of social responsibility has become an important indicator to measure the core competitiveness of enterprises. It is gratifying that there is such an enterprise in the curtain industry. While serving consumers with the mission of "making people all over the world love to go home", it also pays attention to the children in poor schools in remote areas. Just recently, they ended their visit to three poor primary schools in Yunnan and donated desks and chairs to help children's dreams. This enterprise is like a duck to water

feeling the difficult learning environment of children in poor areas, as early as September 2015, Ruyu Deshui launched a public welfare project - "fish jumping plan". Yuyue plan inherits the corporate spirit of "love and mutual assistance" of ruyushui. Influenced by the brand culture of ruyushui, dealers also actively participate in the public welfare plan to offer love. In November 2015, the Fish Diving program came to bainijia primary school, Fuhua primary school and Yunfeng primary school in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province; In December 2016, Yuyue public welfare arrived at Wenchang Village Primary School in Nanjiang County, Bazhong City, Sichuan Province, niujiaoxi Village Primary School in Enyang, Sanyuan Village Primary School in Enyang, and Sanguan Village Primary School in Pingchang County; In June 2017, the Yuyue plan visited maohebao primary school, Feijia primary school and Yanchang primary school in Qinghai Tu Autonomous County... From 2015 to may 2018, the love mileage of ruyushui Yuyue public welfare has reached 21511.3 kilometers, and its love track covers 32 remote and poor mountain primary schools in 28 townships of 8 provinces, including Guizhou, Shanxi, Henan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai. A total of 1522 sets of desks and chairs and 2443 school supplies have been donated, 2443 red scarves...

in May 2019, the Fish Diving program brought the process of love to Yunnan. The activity was led by Mr. zhouwentao, chairman of the labor union. Dealers from Xuanwei store, Kunming store and Qujing store participated in the public welfare activity

this trip to Yunnan visited three primary schools in Xuanwei: Yunrui primary school in Yunrui village, Shuanghe Township, Qianji primary school in Lefeng Township, and mushroom primary school in Lefeng Township, with a total mileage of 4246.7 kilometers. Take Yunrui primary school as an example. This primary school with a history of more than 60 years has 324 students and 12 teachers. Like many remote and poor areas, most of the students here are left behind children. Going to school may be their only way to change the current situation. Although the landform of the mountain area has dispersed the population, and children can only climb the rugged mountain road to school, the hardship of these environments can not stop the children's desire for knowledge and to change their fate. In order to improve the teaching facilities of Yunrui primary school and help children get out of the mountains, employees of rudeshui and dealers have personally assembled and donated hundreds of desks and chairs, tied bright red scarves for children, and painted graffiti with children. In the process of eating and playing with the children, everyone who participated in the diving program felt happy, and behind these happiness is the unity of personal value and social value, which is a distillation of personal value

it is worth mentioning that general manager Zhao, the dealer who participated in the diving program, provided a lot of help for this trip to Yunnan. When he first heard that ruyushui's public welfare site this time was Xuanwei, Yunnan, president Zhao of Xuanwei specialty store was very happy, because this happened to be his hometown. Later, he found that Yunrui primary school, which was donated, happened to be his alma mater. As a dealer like fish in water, public welfare donations met his alma mater. This warm coincidence happened to president Zhao, which not only shows that dealers like fish in water cover all parts of the country, but also reveals the significance of public welfare

enterprise employees are not only part of the enterprise, but also part of the society. Ru Yu de Shui not only serves consumers, but also cares about the society. He led the employees to offer love together, and made their own modest efforts to improve the society, showing the corporate sense of social responsibility. But what's more rare is that if you have a fish in water, you can also use the power of enterprises to promote social public welfare. Influence dealers to do public welfare together and encourage more people to join in public welfare, which not only helps dealers improve their personal value, but also further sublimates the enterprise value. I hope that in the future, more enterprises like fish in water can assume social responsibility and bring more highlights to life

[Yuyue plan] Ruyu Deshui soft clothing boutique has always adhered to the enterprise spirit of "care and mutual assistance". Because it was moved by Dashan and those children who are eager to read, it launched the public welfare project "Yuyue plan" in 2015. A purely private student aid team has done its part to improve the learning environment of children in poor mountain areas in China, mainly donating high-quality desks and chairs, learning and sporting goods for primary schools in poor mountain areas




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