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is a particularly suitable season to travel and see the scenery. Whether it is the red leaves of Xiangshan Mountain, Populus euphratica in the north, or the West Lake with a little chill, it has a different flavor

but autumn is more suitable for decoration than travel photography. Autumn is neither too hot nor humid, bringing convenience to decoration

it's better to put beauty at home than to put it in the film

the living room decorated with diatom mud of haiikea is fresh and overflowing. The space of the TV background wall is in line with the layout of other background walls, simple, but unique. Your background wall can hurt people by 10000 points

one color and one shape can create a simple style. In this way, the restaurant wall will be vivid and close to life, and it will not be a dry and emotional space. Such simplicity is better than any complicated embellishment

the overall style of the bedroom gives people a sense of nature and makes people feel quiet and warm. The perfect combination of the bedside background wall and furniture complement each other. If you want to successfully create a warm, personalized and loving space, you need such a reasonable combination of hard and soft clothing

the small world is pure and simple, just like the carved shape on the background wall, vivid and childlike. It turns out that you are the best in the world

in addition to perfect decoration, haiikea diatom mud also has powerful functions, such as decomposition of formaldehyde, antibacterial and mildew proof, moisture absorption and moisture resistance, release of negative oxygen ions and other functions, giving you a fresh and healthy home space. Choose haiikea diatom mud and feel relieved! Suitable for life




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