Sales of Senyuan's new small 12 cranes continued t

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The new small 12 crane of Senyuan continues to be popular after listing

with the increasing competition in the small tonnage hoisting market and the fierce self animation output elongation curve, hoisting users have higher and higher requirements for the cost performance of small tonnage cranes. Senyuan heavy industry launched the small 12 upgraded version according to the needs of users. The new model became popular after it was upgraded and was favored by the majority of hanging friends

at a time when the cycle is getting longer and longer, many crane users expect more cost-effective models. After the upgrade of Senyuan small 12, the lifting performance is comprehensively improved and can adapt to more working conditions below 16 ton crane

△ the new car goes offline and attracts a large number of customers from inside and outside the province to see the car in the factory

this car is really good. After upgrading, it has almost the same performance as the national standard 12 tons. The key is that it has high cost performance. What we do as small cranes is to get back to the cost faster. Guangdong Diaoyou Master Zhang is an old customer of Senyuan small 12. He has always paid close attention to Senyuan crane. He ordered another one as soon as he heard that he was offline

△ customers test run in person

at present, the production and assembly of the new small 12 crane has been stepped up in the workshop, and new cars will be offline one after another every day to ensure that the ordered customers deliver on time

was officially introduced at the beginning of this year

listen to the voice of customers and help improve the quality of Japanese fixtures. It has to be said that when the popular Senyuan small 12 upgrade meets the cost-effective market, the divine machine expected by hanging friends was born in this way

How can such a new car not capture the hearts of hanging friends

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