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Dalian home building materials market off-season counter market promotion

Dalian home building materials market off-season counter market promotion

December 25, 2014

[China paint information] at present, it is in the off-season decoration season, but merchants in the home building materials industry have started off-season promotion to expect to harvest the first pot of gold in the new year during the new year's Day holiday. The visit found that since last weekend, the home building materials market in Dalian has begun to "heat up", and some home stores have started new year's Day sales promotion, playing the gimmicks of "the best price at the end of the year" and "order lottery" to attract consumers

the new year's Day promotion was staged in advance

goods with an original price of 200 yuan can be bought for only a few tens of yuan. Placing an order, smashing golden eggs and drawing Awards... Such a vigorous promotion took place last weekend. In a home shopping mall in South China, several bathroom brands posted promotional posters in prominent positions in the store, and price promotion is still the starting point. "In addition to special products, other JC/T 646 (2) 006 glass magnesium air ducts - Flexural test products also have a substantial discount." Introduction of brand sanitary ware salesperson

in addition to the activities of each brand, major stores are also actively preparing for promotion. "If you pay 100 yuan to participate in the lottery, you can not only get gifts on the spot, but also get a minimum bonus of 200 yuan on January 2." In a large home store, the sales staff of each store introduced the latest activities of the store to customers in the past two days to prepare for the activities during the new year's day

insiders remind consumers that although there are many promotional activities and a large range during the new year's day, the service cycle of household building materials products is long, so consumers should consider carefully when purchasing, and must not "promote the purchase" due to "promotion"

house buyers decorate in advance during the delivery season at the end of the year

Mr. Wang, a citizen, has just delivered his new house in Ganjingzi District, Dalian. His wedding date is "May Day" next year. He said he hopes to finish the decoration before the Spring Festival. Although winter is the off-season for decoration, according to the interview, many citizens, like Mr. Wang, have decoration plans and hope to move into their new houses immediately before or after the year

the staff of the building materials store said that the end of the year is the peak season for house delivery, and many buyers hope to complete the decoration project before the year. "New Year's Day is a good opportunity to impact sales. Even if buyers have no decoration plan before the year, they will start construction after the year. At this time, doing activities can also drive the amount of signing orders and making appointments next year. Therefore, it is not surprising that building materials stores increase their promotional efforts during New Year's day."

the salesperson believes that the off-season of furniture sales is not very obvious compared with building materials, and there are still a large number of people replacing new furniture at the end of the year, so the promotion and preferential activities must be concerned by consumers. "Consumers are becoming more and more mature. Promotion is not the only means to seize the market. The quality and environmental protection performance of products are paid more attention."

samples provide them with carbon fiber semi solidified materials, and furniture becomes "sweet pastry"

nowadays, many furniture brands will have new products on the market every season. In order to display new products or upgrade the decoration of stores at the end of the year, the development of chemical fiber new materials is gradually becoming the main theme of the industry, and some sample furniture will be treated at a low price. The quality of these sample furniture is no problem, and it has been placed for a long time. Formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances are released more thoroughly. Many consumers come to "Amoy" samples

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