Digital printing in the hottest Asia Pacific marke

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Digital printing in the Asia Pacific market is five times that of traditional printing

at present, digital printing, as a new printing component, has accounted for 5% - 10% of the production of the global printing market, and is still expanding at a constant growth rate

more and more production-oriented and multi-functional digital printing systems have been introduced. Digital printing is taking over the market share that traditional printing has been losing, and continues to expand

in the Asia Pacific market, the growth rate of the digital printing market is almost five times that of the traditional printing market

whether Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd. is a traditional printing enterprise with independent research and development scale, or investors who have just entered the printing industry, they are widely introducing and applying digital printing equipment and technology

if we look around, we will find that many printing enterprises have applied digital printing to various hybrid production environments

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