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On February 25, China Plastics spot LLDPE Market Overview

China Plastics price index rose 6.34 points to 7. The application range of film pendulum impact testing machine was 98 We have developed a process that is not available in the market at present, with 48 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 0.30 points to 892.82 points

I. upstream express:

West Texas light oil April futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange was $39.96 a barrel, up $1.52 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 37 Brent crude oil rose $1.51 per barrel to $42.50 per barrel at $13

Asian market: Asian ethylene recently closed steady, CFR Northeast Asia reported US dollars/ton, CFR Southeast Asia reported US dollars/ton

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

the listing price of PetroChina East China LLDPE is stable: 7042 (Jihua/Daqing) is 0 yuan/ton after three stages and six rounds of trial production in two operation areas at 895, and 7042/7042n (Lanhua) is 8950 yuan/ton

the daily settlement price of Yangzi Petrochemical LLDPE: 8450 yuan/ton for 1801/7042, 8500 yuan/ton for 1802, priced from the 25th, 8650 yuan/ton for 1801/7042, and 8700 yuan/ton for 1802

the quotation of Shanghai Secco LLDPE is stable: 0209aa is 8500 yuan/ton, 0220aa is 8500 yuan/ton, 0220kj is 8600 yuan/ton

Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE plant production 7144

III. market situation:

the PE market in China plastic city is stable, with small fluctuations in some parts. Most traders are mainly on the sidelines of petrochemical prices, and the transaction situation is still general. Mainstream market price: LDPE: yuan/ton, LLDPE: yuan/ton, HDPE: wire drawing material: yuan/ton, plastic injection: yuan/ton, film material: yuan/ton, hollow material: yuan/ton

Hangzhou LLDPE market quotation rose slightly, Yangzi 1802 reported 8750 yuan/ton, 7042 reported 8750 yuan/ton, PetroChina 7042 reported 8750 yuan/ton, 0209aa reported 8700 yuan/ton, 0220kj reported 8750 yuan/ton

the market quotation of LLDPE in Tianjin has not changed much. China's synthetic rubber production capacity has reached 5.09 million tons, with 3224 reporting 8750 yuan/ton, 0218d tax-free 8500 yuan/ton, and Shanghai Secco reporting 0209aa/kj yuan/ton

Shantou LLDPE market quotation increased slightly compared with yesterday. Merchants are particularly concerned about the settlement dynamics of SINOPEC Guangzhou, and the inquiry is still light. Guangzhou Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 no tax declaration yuan/ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical 2001 no tax declaration 8100 yuan/ton, Jihua/Lanhua 7042 no tax declaration yuan/ton, 218w no tax declaration 8150 yuan/ton, 3224 no tax declaration 8150 yuan/ton

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