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On March 31, the China Plastics price index rose 2.92 points to 907.45 points, and the China Plastics spot index rose 0.71 points to 975.9 points

I. upstream dynamics:

but on the New York Mercantile Exchange in 2017, West Texas light oil may futures were $48.41 a barrel, down $3.97 from the previous trading day, with a trading range of 48 At $25, Brent crude oil fell $3.99/barrel to $47.99/barrel

II. Manufacturer's trends: in order to have a better understanding of the twists and turns and tensile tests of the hydraulic universal testing machine:

Yanshan Petrochemical PE low-voltage line 1 produces 5200b, and low-voltage line 2 produces 2300XM. The inventory in the factory is normal, and the current pricing sales

production of Maoming Petrochemical PE Unit: 1 × high pressure production, 2 × high pressure production 2426h; Full density production 7042; High density conversion 5502. Maoming Petrochemical PE inventory is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price

Shanghai Petrochemical low voltage unit plans to switch to ygh041 today. Shanghai Petrochemical PE inventory is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE unit produces 5000S in line a, 5306j in line B and 4803t in line C. Petrochemical inventory is general, and now it is sold at a fixed price

III. local market conditions:

in Yuyao PE market this morning, some brands increased slightly. The overall computer automatically completes the control, data collection, display and storage of the experimental process (main parameters: experimental force, relaxation force, relaxation rate or logarithmic relaxation rate). The supply ratio is tight, traders ship less, inquiries are relatively light, and traders are mostly wait-and-see

Shunde PE market is close to the end of the month. There is not much supply in the market, and the price is slightly higher, with a range of about 50 yuan/ton. The merchants are cautious and optimistic, and the downstream inquiry is general

the morning inquiry atmosphere in Beijing PE market was general, and some merchants insisted on high reporting, and the transaction was properly negotiated. However, some businesses have lowered their quotations for some brands, resulting in a small supply of goods, and the market atmosphere is not affected by crude oil

there are few transactions in Nanjing PE market, few inquiries in the morning, and few goods in the hands of traders. Linear report yuan/ton, 5000S report 10, otherwise only the initial data set last time will be remembered, which is more than 700 yuan/ton, 5306j at yuan/ton, and hollow 9800 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City PE market merchants are reluctant to sell. At present, only 7042 is sold by merchants, and other high and low voltage brands basically do not offer prices, basically waiting for Qilu Petrochemical to come out during the maintenance period

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