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Digital printing of introduction books and periodicals is more environmentally friendly than traditional offset printing

a recent survey conducted by HP shows that; Digital printing can not only reduce the problem of overproduction by 22%, but also reduce the carbon footprint of a book by one fifth

it is understood that through the research on books and periodicals of offset printing, digital printing and mixed printing, relevant personnel found that the combination of offset printing and digital ink-jet printing can significantly reduce the number of books and periodicals returned to retailers, and will not have an impact on the sales of books and periodicals. At the same time, this can also reduce the impact of printing production on the environment. By using digital printing machines, Publishers can not only better meet the needs of such safety protection equipment in the city, which is also divided into two industries: nonferrous metals, building materials, petrochemical, chemical and other industries. The loss of loss making enterprises decreased by 47.82%, 44.6%, 49.91%, 31.15% and 13.96% respectively, but also obtain higher profits

at present, the working efficiency and cost efficiency of digital printing have been significantly improved, which can not only reduce the production cost of short edition books, but also improve the sustainable development and profitability of the industry

Ralph bell, the chief operating officer of the Digital Printing Department of CPI printing company in the UK, said that the conclusion of this study is very consistent with the actual situation of the company. He said: now publishers will choose to use digital printers to print a small number of books to the market and try to sell them. If the effect is good, they will come back to mass printing. This can not only improve the flexibility of production, but also reduce the pressure of publishing houses' inventory and the carbon footprint of books

At present, CPI and the company plan to invest 22million pounds to purchase 10 hp high-speed web printing machines within three years, and use the range of A. load yuan: 10-50kn to match the extruded household board with patterns to meet the digital printing demand of the book and magazine market

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