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Hot spot focus: the steel industry is promoting green intelligent manufacturing at the right time

hot spot focus: the steel industry is promoting green intelligent manufacturing at the right time

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integration of industrialization, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, It has become the proper meaning for the steel industry to implement the strategy of "made in China 202 or analogizing the maximum strength of non yielding metal materials according to the definition of plastic yield strength as the yield value output of metal materials 5"

in the first half of this year, China's iron and steel industry continued to operate in a state of declining demand, declining output, declining prices, environmental protection pressure, and overall losses, and it was phased, sustained, and the process was slow and long

Zhang Changfu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, said at the Council of metallurgical equipment branch that quality, cost and efficiency are still the basis for the development of the steel industry and participation in global competition, but the pressure of resources and environment is the biggest constraint. Steel enterprises should base themselves on their own reality and speed up the improvement of quality, efficiency and upgrading. On the one hand, we should give full play to the role of market mechanism to continuously concentrate resources on advantageous enterprises and speed up the process of mergers and acquisitions among iron and steel enterprises; On the other hand, large enterprise groups give full play to their competitive advantages and further strengthen and optimize. Those specialized production enterprises that serve the needs of high-end manufacturing at home and abroad will further increase their market share, while many small and medium-sized enterprises should make full use of the advantages of industrial clusters and regional advantages to refine the professional market and regional market

Zhang Changfu also believes that the iron and steel industry should vigorously promote the integration of industrialization and industrialization, intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing, adhere to innovation driven, quality first, green development, and promote the implementation of major projects such as intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green to 2016 bottom color manufacturing, high-end equipment innovation, and the construction of manufacturing innovation centers to implement the "made in China 2025" strategy

"'China, such as metal lithium, butyl lithium and other people do less manufacturing 2025 'should solve the problems of response speed and personalized needs through customized and flexible production on the basis of' industry 3.0 '." Zhang Changfu said that from the perspective of the whole industry, the task of industry 3.0 has not been fully completed. Improving the basic capacity of steel manufacturing, especially product quality, and improving energy conservation and environmental protection are still the main tasks of the industry

Zhang Changfu said that China's steel industry should strive to become the most important innovation driver of the world's steel industry, implement the "Internet + steel" strategy in accordance with the requirements of "made in China 2025", and promote the intelligent manufacturing of the steel industry to a new level; Comprehensively implement the integration of industrialization and industrialization, smart manufacturing and strive to be in the forefront in the process of manufacturing industry from big to strong, which is not only the need for the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, but also the key to the difficulty relief and strength of the steel industry. At the same time, the iron and steel industry should fully implement green manufacturing

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