The hottest spot is the advent of the PLCs series

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Hiway PLC s series 16 point host came out, and chifa2007 was successfully released

Haiwei PLCs series 16 point host includes two models: hw-s16zs220r and hw-s16zs220t. Hw-s16zs220r is a relay output host and hw-s16zs220t is a transistor output host. The following table shows the basic selection parameters of the two hosts

8xdi, 8xdo transistor, 20KHz a/b phase pulse input, 10kHz a/b phase pulse output, rs232+ reduce the energy consumption of 100 million tons of standard coal RS485, AC220V power supply

both hosts have

1, switching value input (DI): 8 points; The first four points (x0-x3) can be used for one 20KHz a/b phase pulse input channel (7 counting modes, high-speed counter with self-learning function). If not used for high-speed counting, x0~x3 can be used for ordinary switching signal input. 8 channels can be configured to capture and interrupt the upper and lower edges. It can be extended to 128 points, and all switching value inputs support signal filtering settings

2. Switching value output (do): 8 points; The first two points (y0-y1) can be used for a 10kHz a/b phase pulse output channel (five pulse output modes). If not used for high-speed pulse output, y0~y1 can be used for ordinary switching value signal output. It can be extended to 128 points, and all switching value outputs support power failure output to maintain the setting

3. Rich network communication functions: the CPU host has two built-in communication ports, one is RS232 port, the other is RS485 port; 18. Net weight: 1900kg, expanded to 5 communication ports. Each communication port can be programmed and connected, and can be used as a master station or a slave station. Support 1:n, n:1, n:n connection mode, support various human-machine interfaces and configuration software, and can connect with any third-party equipment with communication function (such as frequency converter, instrument, bar code reader, etc.)

4. Support a variety of communication protocols: built-in Modbus rtu/ascii protocol, free communication protocol and haiwellbus high-speed communication protocol of Haiwei company

5. Support hardware upgrade function

6. Supported PLC programming languages: LD (ladder diagram), FBD (function block diagram), IL (instruction table)

7. Program capacity: 16K

8. Interrupt capability: there are 68 interrupts in total

9. Support immediate refresh instructions, which is convenient to complete the requirements of high-precision and high real-time control

1 is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity. 0. Hardware expansion capability: 7 expansion modules can be expanded. The maximum number of various signals and interfaces is: di-128 points, do-128 points, ai-32 points, ao-32 points, high-speed counter channel-8 channels, high-speed pulse output channel-8 channels, and communication ports-5

11. Special function instructions: PID manual/automatic control, valve regulation control, upper and lower limit alarm, range transmission, temperature curve control, etc.

12. Self diagnosis function: self diagnosis memory, extended bus, user program integrity, etc. in case of failure, the system will give an alarm and stop running, and the err light on the panel will be on for indication

to avoid the damage of improper operation to the equipment

13. Other important properties: perpetual calendar (RTC) Support floating-point operation instructions, etc

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