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On June 24, the China Plastics price index fell 270.38 points to 1232.04 points, and the China Plastics spot index fell 5.75 points to 1444.64 points

I. upstream dynamics:

WTI crude oil on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $2.12/barrel to $136.74/barrel today, and Brent crude oil rose $1.05/barrel to $135.91/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yanshan Petrochemical PE plant produces LD400 in new high voltage, 1i50a in old high voltage line 1, 1c7a in line 2, 1c7a in line 3, 7600m in low voltage line 1 and 5000S in line 2

PE production trends of Maoming Petrochemical: 1 × high pressure production, 2 × high pressure production 2426k, full density production 7042, high density production 5502. Low inventory

Jilin Petrochemical LLDPE unit produces 7042 and HDPE unit produces plastic injection 7260, with a small inventory

III. local market conditions:

the PE market of China plastic city continued to decline and the decline increased, mainly due to the impact of Daqing Petrochemical, Jilin stone and other manufacturers' sharply reducing factory prices from the first phase, with an annual output of 2million high-strength and light aluminum hubs, Panjin Ethylene, Fushun Petrochemical and so on. The overall market performance was poor, the effective demand shrank, and the actual transaction was difficult. Due to poor shipments, traders lack confidence in the future, while downstream factories still rarely take orders. Mainstream market price: LDPE: yuan/ton, LLDPE: yuan/ton, HDPE: wire drawing material 15500 yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

the PE market price in Beijing continues to decline. Please have a careful understanding of the following standards. After the vigorous reduction of PetroChina, the market price of each brand of PetroChina is still flat or upside down, and the price of each brand of Sinopec is still declining. Today, the market rumors are that Sinopec will reduce the price, and there are not many downstream deliveries. At present, traders mostly wait for Sinopec to adjust the price, and then price and sell after the market is stable

the PE market quotation in Shunde is chaotic. Traders are worried about the price adjustment of petrochemicals and have recently lowered their quotations. However, the downstream does not receive goods, and the market atmosphere is chaotic

the price of PE market in Tianjin Port continues to decline today, and the downstream inquiry is general. At present, the transaction is mostly a single negotiation, the firm price is negotiable, and the traders' mentality is poor

there are not many quotations in the PE market of Qilu Chemical Industry City. The contract users heard that Sinopec has the intention to reduce prices today, and do not quote more. They wait for Sinopec to adjust the price and then price. It is obvious to wait and see. 7042 includes tax to 148 to promote the extended development of fine chemicals, textiles and other end products, 00 yuan/ton, 6098 includes tax to 15150 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 to 15750 yuan/ton, 2102tn00 to 15800 yuan/ton

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