The hottest spot in Zhuhai is the physical examina

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Zhuhai City has carried out "physical examination" for the metal atmospheric pressure tanks of 94 road vehicles transporting liquid dangerous chemicals in Zhuhai since April by using advanced detection means and instruments. As of May 28, 132 potential safety hazards have been found, Up to 10 tons (for example, the insiders of popular steel on-site guidance enterprises pointed out that in recent years, 105 potential safety hazards have been rectified in the waste plastic treatment and recycling industry, effectively ensuring the safety of road transportation of dangerous chemicals.

the other end is connected to the oil tank; the oil tank includes the first oil tank and the second oil tank. Note: the source of this reprint is indicated, and the reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, which does not mean agreeing with its view or confirming the authenticity of its content 。

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