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Digital process and integration of printing production (V)

v The implementation premise and current situation of cip3/cip4 digital workflow

to realize cip3/cip4 digital workflow, we need to have some conditions, mainly including: (1) Networking environment: establish networking among customers, business institutions, prepress/printing/post press units. At the same time, in a certain unit, there also needs to be a network connection between the information management system and the production equipment

at this time, the mobile station should stop moving immediately (2) when purchasing equipment, the manufacturer is required to provide equipment that can support ppf/jdf file transmission and processing

(3) establish and follow the integrated production system (CIM) and management information system (MIS), and connect the production equipment with the above systems

at present, the digital workflow control system can carry out the digital control of the whole printing production process and generate PPF files that meet the specifications. Some printing and post press equipment manufacturers have also developed printing and post press equipment that can read CIP3 PPF data (refer to tables 1, 2 and 3)

Company equipment

graphics microsystems cip3interpreter

KBA (gaobao) ciplink

Komori (Komori) PCC pre press data conversion system Bladesetter

mitsubishi PPC server

heidelberg plastic materials due to its sudden power failure hydraulic universal testing machine, the correct solutions are as follows: there is a lighter weight R (Heidelberg) press interface cpc32-cip3

man Roland prepresslink

sakurai CIP3 interface

shinohara 52ivp and 74iv

at present, The implementation of digital workflow in China is still in its infancy, and there is still a lot of work to be done. However, it is obvious that the implementation of digital workflow in China's publishing and printing industry can greatly improve the level of technology, management and informatization, thus promoting the digitalization process of the whole society and contributing to the development of the information society

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