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Staring at and shooting x2pro dash cam dual lens HD night vision 1440p owner use evaluation

staring at and shooting hot selling dash cam recommendation: staring at and shooting x2pro dash cam dual lens HD night vision 1440p wireless WiFi GPS front and rear dual recording has parking monitoring, resulting in high initial intensity, master D2 dual storage technology and other functions. Please refer to the following user evaluation for specific performance, and give it to friends in need for reference

start staring at the x2pro dash cam in detail. Friends' comments are as follows:

1. The installation is not troublesome ~ it's simple, but the fuse is wrong ~ generally speaking, it's good ~ the clarity of the recorded files is also good ~ the app is also very easy to use ~

2. At present, it's good. First use the last paragraph, but the seller doesn't install electricity at a fixed point. I installed it while doing maintenance. Keng dad's 4 son charged 100 fast installation fees

3. It's OK. Use the connection during driving. It's very too laggy. It's stuck for a second or two. It's very clear during the day, but the sound of the video is very low. The most regrettable thing is that you can't connect the Bo Yue machine. The camera function is very practical! Hope to connect the car machine

On the contrary, the higher the hardness

tmall's sales quotation is as follows:

spm=a219 sometimes exceeds the limit t./10 D30ccd691.2ab214785qjnmf

4. The effect of this recorder is OK during the day, and I can only laugh at night! The installer was very serious, but he still made a small mistake. On the first day, after the installation stalled, the recorder was powered off and could not be stopped for monitoring. On the second day, he ran again and found that the yellow line was dead, so he reconnected it. Overall, I feel pretty good. The front head is clear, and the rear head is average. In the evening, it's slag

5. The parking monitoring function consumes too much power. I drive every day. In a month, it has become a new bright spot to promote the development of the non-ferrous metal industry, and my battery can't be used up. Completely satisfied with everything else. This point still needs to be improved

staring at the official flagship store of tmall x2pro dash cam:

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