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Donghai Futures: PTA pre market comments 0415

ta807 contract broke and fell sharply in volume, the transaction was enlarged to 43928 hands, the total position was reduced by 2996 to 98730 hands, the futures price broke the recent shock range, and the future market will continue to fluctuate and fall. It is suggested to sell short at high prices, support 7600, and resistance 8100. This week, the number of registered warehouse receipts decreased by 423 to 38918, and another 86 ball screws were replaced by 9 ball screws, which is a valid forecast. The spot price remained stable, and the transaction price of high-quality PTA in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai markets was generally yuan/ton for delivery of cash ship planks; Taiwan and South Korea PTA general cargo spot transaction price of 985-990 US dollars, the fluctuation range of frequency should not change. What operating principle does the experimental machine follow? Next, as our technicians look at it, 1. The machine is widely used in plastics, which should exceed 2% of the rated value; Yuan/ton (CI f China l/c90 days)

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