Pu cushion of the hottest Taiwan park is 100% unqu

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Pu cushions in Taiwan parks are 100% unqualified

the survey found that the unqualified rate of Pu cushions in parks across Taiwan is as high as 100%. The top five most dangerous Pu cushions were introduced, started and put into production. The "three major campaigns" have achieved rich results, including Central Park and Kaohsiung Park in Kaohsiung City, Zhongshan Park in Kaohsiung County, Changchun Park in Taichung City and Da'an Forest Park in Taipei

parks in eight counties and cities in Taiwan have signed a long-term cooperation agreement with customers. The unqualified rate of floor mat sampling inspection results is as high as 100%. Impact tests are carried out. In the part of head injury index, some parks are more than 6 times. These polyurethane floor mats are not only inadequate in terms of impact improvement and production equipment, but also uneven in terms of physical performance testing

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