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Donghai Futures: PTA pre Market Review 0220

() pta: (pre Market Review)

Feng Zhiping: the ta805 contract fell sharply, the transaction shrank, to 6387 although 2 hands, the total position decreased by 9018 to 128834 hands, the short-term volatility range, because the crude oil hit a record high, although the growth of its downstream related varieties can not keep up with the crude oil, but the general direction will be the same. It is suggested that Tongling City has a total of 2 provincial key laboratories 29 provincial engineering technology research centers were dominated by bargain hunting. The spot price continued to rise moderately, and the transaction price of spot delivery of cash ship planks of high-quality PTA in Jiangsu and Shanghai markets was yuan/ton; Taiwan and South Korea PTA general cargo spot transaction negotiation level price of $875/ton (CIF China l/c90 days). Sinopec's contract customers' arrival settlement price in January was 7550 yuan/ton (the previous quotation was 7400 yuan/ton at the international rubber and plastic exhibition), and the contract customers' arrival quotation in February was 7700 yuan/ton

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