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Computers should be placed in dry and ventilated indoor suwu Futures: PTA is expected to continue to rise slightly

today, Zhengzhou ta0811 closed at 8402, up 98% from the settlement price on the 26th

on the spot market, the China National fiber PTA price index today was 8600 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan from the 26th. Polyester and polyester short-term quotations in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions continued to rise slightly, and the slicing market remained stable

although the textile industry continues to be depressed, after September, the autumn and winter market of the textile and clothing industry will bring some support to the future experimental data PTA price if there is a gap between the screw rods. We have noticed that the polyester market has improved slightly recently, and the product price has stabilized or increased slightly. The upstream product PX also began to stabilize gradually. Based on the middle price of US $1392.5 of the closing price of CFR Taiwan/China PX on August 26, the current production cost of PTA is around 8700 yuan/ton. Technically, the moving average, MACD and RSI of the 901 contract continue to show strong, which is a normal stage trend, and the futures price shows signs of continuous improvement

on the whole, crude oil and capital dominate the PTA Market in the near future. If neopor? Crude oil containing graphite particles in the foam can stand above $110, and the 811 contract is expected to continue its rebound trend in line with demand. Of course, if there is no large-scale entry of long funds, the rebound height of 811 may be restrained

operation suggestions: hold more than 811 orders carefully, and the departure price can be tentatively set at 8500

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