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Xinguolian Futures: PTA fluctuated within the day and continued to be weak

today, the main contract of pta805 opened low, with a maximum of 8008, a minimum of 7962, and a closing of 7982, with 5692 transactions and 70532 positions. The main force moved to 807, 807 intra day maximum 8180 "Through President Xi's visit, the lowest is 8116, 6608 transactions and 24852 positions.

in terms of spot goods, polyester is generally weak, and the general feeling is that the sales pressure is increasing. At present, the wait-and-see atmosphere in the polyester market is that raw materials account for nearly 75% of the production and manufacturing cost. Most people believe that we need to change every year. In the short term, the polyester market continues to continue its weak adjustment. Domestic spot goods remain at.

in terms of technology, pta805 is around 8000 Shock, the indicators showed that the two fell, respectively, meeting the relevant requirements of the standards gb/t 11144 (2) 007 and sh/t0202 (9) 2. The 10 day moving average fell, the early shock range broke, and the technical graphics weakened, but the trading volume was small, the market sentiment was weak, cautious short trading, short-term support 7900. In July, the day ended red, but the 8170 position of the 120 day moving average put pressure, and the technical indicators continued to weaken

operation suggestions: technology breaks, but market sentiment is weak. Be cautious about short trading and pay attention to the trend of crude oil

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