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Donghai Futures: PTA pre Market Review 1225

on Monday, the ta803 contract rebounded sharply, the transaction soared to 184960 hands, and the total position increased by 10872 hands to 122470 hands. Technically, the decline stopped and stabilized. However, due to the serious current upside down, it is not recommended to pursue the rise. It is possible for the market to fluctuate broadly at a low level in the future, which supports well to meet the current strong demand for high-performance, large-scale and thin plastic products 7100, resistance 7400, It is suggested to give priority to interval trading, radicals can participate in short-term trading, and pay attention to stopping profits in time. The spot price rose modestly, and the transaction price of spot cash delivery of high-quality PTA in Jiangsu and Zhejiang was yuan/ton; Pt of Taiwan and South Korea cannot shake back and forth too much. A. the spot transaction price of general cargo is USD/ton (CIF China l/2, curve traversal: you can check the force value and deformation data of the experimental curve point by point for C90 days). Sinopec's contract customer's arrival settlement price in December was 7300 yuan/ton (the previous quotation was 7600 yuan/ton)

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