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List of self-discipline advanced collectives and individuals in the flat glass industry

the list of self-discipline advanced collectives and current advanced individuals in the flat glass industry

industry self-discipline is an important means to maintain a fair, just and open competition order in the market, and is the fundamental guarantee for the improvement of quality, efficiency and high-quality development of the industry. Since 2016, we have promoted and strengthened the self-discipline of the flat glass industry in accordance with the normalized working mechanisms such as the Convention on self discipline and coordination of the glass industry and the action plan for the construction of a self-discipline and integrity system, which has created conditions for achieving the goals of steady growth, efficiency and development in the context of serious overcapacity. 1. The sampling rules have laid the foundation for the prevention and control of epidemics, stable production and stable market on the one hand; In this process, a number of advanced representatives of industry self-discipline have emerged, which should be commended and rewarded, and vigorously publicized in the industry and society

according to the requirements of the notice on recommending and selecting self-discipline advanced collectives and individuals in the flat glass industry (CSHF (2020) No. 46), 20 units including Shandong Jinjing Technology Co., Ltd. and 52 comrades including Li Wenjie are determined to be self-discipline advanced collectives in the flat glass industry after the enterprise application, the preliminary evaluation and recommendation of the regional self-discipline organization, and the preliminary review of the selection and recognition leading group (the list is attached), It is now publicized to the industry and society. If you have different opinions about the objects to be commended, please report them to the selection and commendation leading group or the Secretariat of the association before August 4, 2020

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July 28, 2020

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