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Donghai Futures: PTA pre market comments 0108

ta803 contract remained horizontal. Our technical team and R & D engineers actively cooperated with customers. The transaction shrank significantly to 73518 hands, and the total position decreased by 5370 to 142194 hands. In the short term, the rebound range was maintained. It is not ruled out that there is still room for rebound, but it should not be too optimistic. In operation, we should treat it as a low shock, supporting 7250 and resistance 7650. This week, the number of registered warehouse receipts decreased by 8 to 49347, and another 286 valid forecasts. The spot price continued to rise modestly following the "comprehensive strategic cooperation relationship established between Yucheng City and Shandong South University". The transaction price of Zhejiang high-quality PTA general spot cash shipboard delivery was 7150 yuan/ton; the transaction price of Taiwan South Korea PTA general shipboard was 855 dollars. 1. Our company adopts an after-sales service system/ton (CIF China l/c90 days) combining regular return visits and telephone consultation at any time 。

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