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[figure] PU coating technology is used in the Olympic award winning clothes

over the years, how to transform and upgrade the Olympic polymer materials of the Chinese delegation, and how to innovate and develop the Olympic award winning clothes have been the focus of attention of the Chinese people. In the London Olympic Games, what clothes will Chinese athletes wear to mount the highest podium? The mystery was officially revealed today: the Chinese delegation's award winning suit was named "champion dragon suit" and will be unveiled to the public at the end of June and early July

This morning, the 30th China international sporting goods Expo opened at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. At the event, Anta, a partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, held a ceremony to name the Olympic winning suit and launch the Olympic strategy. Guests attending the event included Xiaomin, assistant director general of the General Administration of sport, duanshijie, deputy director general of the General Administration of sport, XuHaifeng, Olympic champions, and Guo Jingjing

during the event, Xiaomin, assistant director of the General Administration of sport, and Ding Shizhong, chairman and CEO of Anta sporting goods Co., Ltd., jointly unveiled the Dragon curtain of the Development Steering platform center of the pavilion dance waterproof testing machine. The Chinese delegation of the London Olympic Games received the award - "champions Dragon suit" wearing the national flag

according to the introduction, London Olympic champion longfu has some highlights in creativity, design and technology, such as the rotation of the ball in the raceway in the centripetal thrust bearing. The Chinese nation is the descendant of the dragon. 2012 is the Chinese lunar year. The "dragon" is integrated into the 2012 London Olympic Games award winning clothes. It is hoped that the spirit of the "dragon" can fiercely encourage Chinese Olympic athletes to create brilliance and honor China in the London Olympic Games

in addition, the award winning suit also has environmental protection characteristics. The fabric used is environmentally friendly recycled fabric made of raw materials produced by advanced recycling technology. In terms of science and technology, hydrophilic non porous PU coating and laser punching technology are used to ensure the beauty and comfort of athletes

it is reported that at the London Olympic Games, the Chinese delegation will wear this dress on occasions including the opening and closing ceremonies and the acceptance of awards. The champion dragon suit will officially meet the public at the end of June and the beginning of July

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