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IBM and att open hybrid cloud services in the 5g era for enterprise customers

on October 29, 2020, IBM and at t* announced in the United States that they would cooperate to open hybrid cloud services in the 5g era for enterprise customers

through at t multi access edge computing, a low latency dedicated cellular edge environment, the two sides will help enterprises from all walks of life more easily connect to the open hybrid cloud computing environment, so as to develop and deploy a series of innovative services faster. Running these services requires regional or local edge computing, and has high privacy and security requirements

with the help of IBM cloud satellite built on at t network and based on red hat openshift, both parties will help enterprises manage applications hosted in hybrid cloud environment. Customers can flexibly deploy their applications to any environment, and protect the data residing in it through the enhanced security features of IBM open hybrid Cloud Architecture

further unleash the potential of cloud

IBM cloud satellite, which is currently in the testing stage, has further unleashed the potential of cloud for enterprise customers with the powerful function of at t 5g. Enterprises can use simple interfaces to manage services across multiple clouds and billions of edge devices, with high reliability and security. [1] Whether it's mobile field employees who use cloud hosting applications to connect t 5g edge networks through at, or manufacturing plants that have high privacy requirements, at t private cellular networks and multiple access edge computing can help them reduce latency and improve control efficiency

the benefits are obvious. Through IBM's advanced encryption functions, customers can get advantages such as faster deployment speed, better experience, centralized management and enhanced security. In addition, through IBM Watson, IBM also brings artificial intelligence holes to customers. B: the noise of the experimental process is low: the noise of exchanging servo electromechanical or high-tech board maintenance is much lower than that of the hydraulic pump Insight, using data collected from the edge to provide customers with more in-depth insight and analysis in a near real-time manner

an important step towards 5g and edge computing

Howard boville, senior vice president of IBM hybrid cloud, said: the development of 5g and edge computing affects all walks of life, and is expected to further enhance the consumer experience and create new revenue opportunities for enterprises. Together with at t, we will help customers safely use 5g and edge products in any environment through IBM's open and secure hybrid cloud platform. This marks an important step towards 5g and edge development

enterprises are using hybrid cloud strategy, and the current remote environment requires high-level control measures, especially with the continuous development of 5g and edge computing, this demand is increasingly strong. By putting enhanced security features at the top of the solution, even the most strictly regulated customers in the industry can seize 5g opportunities. At t and IBM have done this. IBM's Advanced Encryption ensures that only customers can access their own data. In addition, even IBM and at t cannot access these data

The rise of

5g has brought market opportunities. It is estimated that the market scale will reach 667billion US dollars in 2026, which will be a new frontier in the field of cloud computing. Collect data from billions of mobile devices and factory floor sensors and process it where it resides, thereby reducing latency and improving efficiency

Mo katibeh, chief product and peace officer of at T business, commented: Yes, at t is fast. We not only have the fastest 5g network in the United States, [2] but also with our edge computing ability, our network response speed is incredible, which is a necessary condition for key business applications. Our cooperation with IBM brings unique value, and customers will be very satisfied

in 2020, digital services have become increasingly popular, covering services supporting remote office, e-commerce, learning, communication and entertainment. The growing data flow has created higher demand. 5g combined with open and secure hybrid cloud computing not only improves data transmission speed, reduces latency, and enhances connectivity, but also brings new opportunities for IOT and other intelligent devices

can be used in many industries to help manage distributed it and multi cloud environments

this cooperation aims to help customers who manage distributed it environments (such as thousands of sensors in factory workshops, or point of sale systems in retail), especially those who process data in a multi cloud environment, gain a consistent development and operation experience. For example, the following industry use cases:

in the medical and health industry, hospital operation tools can be used to care for patients remotely through telemedicine devices, and the safety of employees can be improved

in manufacturing, through robot technology and near real-time visual analysis function, 5g automatic operation can help reduce costs and control the quality of production lines

retail, 5g and edge computing can help stores analyze supply chain data, detect leakage or damage, and monitor indicators such as crowd density. Without edge computing, these applications will overburden the network

the supply chain will become more flexible and dynamic through enhanced networking and remote monitoring, coupled with automated inventory management and artificial intelligence procurement processes

the banking and financial industry can process fraud detection and customer claims in near real time. The ATM with edge computing function can promote the harmonious development and dislocation development of the new material industry as a fraud detection point to prevent criminals from tampering with the system

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