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Trouble shooting of heat shrinkable packaging machine (shrinkable machine)

trouble shooting of heat shrinkable packaging machine (shrinkable machine):

heat shrinkable packaging machine series has the characteristics of advanced design, stable and reliable performance, high power saving effect, novel and beautiful structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and can be applied to the packaging of any shrinkable film Electronic stepless speed change, automatic high temperature, solid energy relay control, and stable batch products have entered the scope of demonstration and utilization in the areas of large transmission towers in coastal areas and industrial air pollution areas, photovoltaic power generation supports in Southwest China, petrochemical equipment and aerospace equipment. The stage of demonstration and utilization is reliable, long service life, and low noise with high-pressure hydraulic source as the power source

1. There is no heating phenomenon in the contraction chamber:

· the heating switch is in poor contact, and the replacement switch

· the indoor wire is aging and short circuited, and the replacement wire

· the electric heating pipeline (12) after the sample is broken, the head is not connected firmly or the electric heating pipe is damaged

· the temperature regulating control board is damaged, and the replacement

· the electric level is damaged, and the replacement

2. The transmission does not rotate:

· the transmission switch fails, and the replacement

· the speed regulating control board is damaged, and the replacement

· potentiometer is broken, Replace

· the conveying motor is damaged, replace

· the conveying mechanism is stuck, and eliminate the fault after inspection

3. The hot air motor does not rotate:

· the hot air switch is damaged, replace

the intensive development of oil and gas chemical industry, oil storage, Forest Pulp and paper integration, automobile manufacturing, ship repair, mineral resources processing, agricultural products processing, pharmaceutical and other industries

· the motor is damaged, replace

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