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Huntsman imposes strict sales control on the MDI factory in Rosenberg, the Netherlands

Huntsman imposes strict sales control on the MDI factory in Rosenberg, the Netherlands

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on March 21, a source from Huntsman said, Market participants in crude diphenylmethane diisocyanate (MDI) found that Huntsman's ROZENBERG plant in the Netherlands, where the negotiation was interrupted earlier in November, is currently under sales control due to production problems

"it is not clear how long this situation will last, but during this period, the company is trying to limit the impact on customer operations." The source added

at present, it is not clear how much capacity the production base has

the supply has been in short supply before, and Germany kestrang once declared Force Majeure for the isocyanate production in Europe due to the supply problem of raw material nitric acid

covestro is expected to resume full production on December 11. If you have other questions

before Huntsman released the news, a market participant said that the inventory was extremely limited and could not meet the demand even in the off-season, so the price might rise further

the reduction of production capacity will only aggravate the situation of insufficient supply and drive up prices

a source said that although the quotation of some suppliers increased by as much as three digits, some only increased slightly

at present, the real supply tension in the market is divided. Judging from the supply and demand of global base metals

market participants are unlikely to reach an agreement on price until they are clear about the impact of Huntsman's production problems on regional supply. A buyer from Huntsman said that no impact on delivery had been found in the early stage

with a series of problems in the fourth quarter, there may be significant differences between the monthly price and the quarterly price

according to sources, this may cause problems for buyers in the coming quarter

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